Henley's First Day of VPK

2017-08-21 08.23.36 1-2.jpg

My peanut, my biggest peanut that is, started VPK today. VPK is Florida's voluntary preschool program. She is going to the same school she's been at since she was one but this felt like a bigger deal. With school only a year away, it's starting to feel less "daycare" and more "school". The classroom has more "big kid" things in it including clocks to learn how to tell time, maps, and sight words. 

Randomly last week, Henley expressed her sadness over moving up. She said she was sad to be leaving her teacher that she's been with for almost two years. She threw in couple comments about being scared for dramatic effect but this morning was a different story. She got dressed with little to no fight. She was so excited as we were walking in. She ran into the room and immediately started exploring. All of the kids were moving around the room, checking everything out. 

When I picked her up, everyone was intently involved in playing with the toys, writings, and doing puzzles; it really felt like they were having a great time. She's had such a great experience at this center and I hope this is more of the same. She has a great teacher and I think she will learn a ton. I'm so excited for what this year holds for her. 

Macie was very excited to stand with big sister this morning, I can't take the cuteness sometimes. (I know I'm biased).

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Happy Monday friends!! Have a great week. I'm working to get on a regular schedule posting on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, be sure to look out for posts and share with friends if you enjoy.