::Me:: I Got A Tattoo!

I haven't always wanted a tattoo. I've been one of those people that loved how they looked on others but never could decide on what I would pick. I thought I'd never be able to pick something I'd still love in 30 years. My mindset has changed over the last year, not just about tattoos but about life in general. I've always been a "No Regrets" kind of person as I believe this quote to a "T"

...and I feel tattoos fall into this category. I feel I will look back at this time and remember all of the great things that were happening in my life when I got this tattoo.

I decided on my ribs as this is my favorite place when I see others with tattoos. I was really nervous about the pain but turns out, I have a high pain tolerance---I'd say a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. Without for ado, here it is!

I am so absolutely in love with it. I am thinking about adding sparrows to it sometime soon.

Do you guys have any awesome tattoos to share? I feel a tad bit obsessed with them now. Hope your Monday ROCKS!

:-) Mere