::Foodie:: Best Pie Ever!

When I was in high school I worked at a local bar-b-que restaurant that in addition to all of the delicious bar-b-que that they served, they also served the best coconut cream pie. The restaurant closed about ten years ago and since then I haven't tasted any other pie that comes close to that one...until now!

I was browsing ideas to bake last weekend when I came across a recipe for Coconut Marshmallow Cream Pie on allrecipes.com. I decided to give it a shot and the results were phenomenal (this is the pie I mentioned in my pregnancy post this week). It's actually pretty easy, here are some pictures of the steps as I went.

First step is to bake an empty pie shell, I line mine with foil and raw beans to keep the crust from collapsing in on itself.

I actually keep these beans just for this purpuse, these have probably been cooked 10 times. 
Melt butter and bring light cream to a boil, I used half and half

Sugar mixed with eggs, cornstarch, salt, and vanilla.

This gets combined with the cream and butter and starts to thicken quickly. 

Then add marshmallows and coconut. Stir until melted.

Add to your pie crust and chill for two hours.

Take egg whites, cream of tarter, and sugar and whip until its shiny and stiff peaks form.

Add to the pie, I like to make mine spiky by patting my spatula all over the pie, sprinkle with coconut and bake for 15 minutes...and....waa-llaaa!

Delicious Coconut Cream Pie!

If any of you remotely like coconut, you have to try this! I highly recommend! Happy Saturday...enjoy your weekend!

Mere :-)