::Henley:: Week 1

Henley has been with us for one week---I now am starting to understand what everyone has been referring to when they tell us to enjoy every moment because they fly by. Her eyes are open a little more each day and I feel like we are getting to know her as much as she is getting to know us.


Henley was 7 pounds 11 ounces at birth and weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces at her first pediatrician's visit on Saturday. We go back to the doctor tomorrow, hopefully she is getting plenty to eat and has gained a little more weight.


Healthy as can be! 


She is sleeping in our room in either the Rock & Play or the Pack & Play. We have been moving back and forth between the two. She sleeps a little better in the Rock and Play but I feel like she should get used to the flat surface of the Pack and Play also therefore we try to work that in when possible. She's waking every two to three hours for feedings and is sleeping the rest of the time for the most part. She is typically the most alert and awake around 6pm and around 5am. Lucky for me her Dad is an amazing help at that 5am time!


She is wearing Newborn sizes only, there have been a couple NB sizes that are a little big still. Haven't touched the 0-3 stack yet.


Mom's breastmilk! When she finishes eating she looks like she is in "milk coma". She grins as she pulls away and both arms fall down loosely by her size, totally relaxed. It's one of my favorite things that she does.

Baby Gear Love

She has really started to love her "My Little Lamb" swing in the last few days. We have put her in that a couple times during the day and she relaxes and soothes herself to sleep. The Rock & Play is great for bed time also. Momma is loving all of our cloth diapers that I am finally getting the opportunity to use. 


She is pretty mellow for the most part, crying when gassy, hungry, or uncomfortable.


Henley was a busy social butterfly this week meeting most of the family. So far she has met all of the grandparents and most of the aunts and uncles and cousins, still yet to meet Auntie Tara. She has met a few of our friends as well--Heather Davis, Donnie and Tabitha Berry, Nicole Evans, Mark and Donnitta Goodman, Jerry and Joann Wallace, Aida Klement, & Laura Dunckley.

This is a video of her first time meeting her cousin Alaina:

She also celebrated her first Christmas Eve with Mom's side of the family.


Mom is feeling pretty good. Stitches are still healing and I'm still sore but moving around pretty well. Breastfeeding is tougher on my body than I originally imagined. I had always heard that if it hurts you are doing it wrong but it turns out that if it hurts, your body just needs time to adjust.


This week everything has been a milestone. First day being in the real world, first time at home, first time meeting big brother Fitz, first time meeting family and friends, and first Christmas. This has been a pretty amazing week!