::Get Fit:: Getting my Bod Back!

Henley has been in our lives for two months. I have loved every single minute of it. While some moments have been challenging, each moment has been worth every pound, every stretch mark, each and every bout of nausea and heartburn, and every, single ache and pain. Speaking of pounds and stretch marks, I am now ready to reclaim my body. I thought I'd do a weekly check in on my weight, fitness, and any other goals I have, I'll post once a week. I need an accountability partner and nothing is better than all of you!

Just to recap, here was my last picture before Henley joined our family:

I delivered six days later. On that day, I was up 36 pounds. I thought I only had stretch marks on my breasts but once she was out, I discovered more stretch marks on my lower abdomen (I guess something was obstructing my view).

Throughout my pregnancy I tried to stay active, I ran on the treadmill a handful of time and in the last 3-4 months, the hubs and I walked about 2 miles or so a couple times a week. 

Here are some pictures from then to now:

I wasn't posing for this picture but it's a perfect picture for what I looked like postpartum. This is 12/22/2012, which was 4 days after Henley's arrival. I think I look about 5 months pregnant here.

This is me now:

I don't typically have pictures of just my body, especially when I'm not happy with it but these are the best pictures for what I look like now. At my 6 week postpartum appointment, I was down 31 pounds,which I am totally happy with but there is a lot of work to do. My stomach is larger and flabbier than I would like and I've lost tone pretty much every where. I just want to get in better shape overall so I feel confident and happy with everything.

So....here we go!


Weight: 157
Fitness: Since being cleared by my doctor three weeks ago, I ran once---1.26 miles in 14 minutes. 
Races: Signed up for Fort Myers Beach Half Marathon in November
Stretch Marks: Red marks all over breasts and some on my lower abdomen.
Stomach: My arch nemesis 
Diet: Eating everything in sight, including tons of baked goods--uh oh!


Weight: 150
Fitness: Run 3-4 times per week, able to run 5 miles under one hour. 
Races: Run a 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon by the end of the year.
Stretch Marks: Successfully find a cream/oil/lotion/magic potion to lighten them
Stomach: Confidently wear a bathing suit (I'm in FL, we wear bathing suits A LOT! and I feel I need to be comfortable before boating and beach season arrives)
Diet: Healthy foods that keep my milk supply up and thriving for Henley as that is priority numero uno!

Like I mentioned, I ran last week for the first time outside in about a year. It felt great to get out. I ran with no end goal in mind, just to make it back to the condo alive. I ran to our downtown area and started feeling winded and tired so I thought it was a good time to turn around. 

Overall the run felt great, my biggest complaint is my sports bra, I have one that I read would offer the best support for a breastfeeding mom but I may need more. My legs felt great. I stopped about a quarter of a mile from the house and walked the rest of the way. At this point, I got a little lightheaded so right when I got home I drank a ton of water and rested. Today my legs feel a little sore but that's to be expected after this long of a hiatus.

As for stretch marks, I have been applying Bio Oil twice daily but seeing little change. I ordered a cream from Mama Mio that got great reviews for minimizing the appearance. This cream acknowledges that there is no miracle for stretch marks but claims with proper application, stretch marks appear lighter after three months. I figure it can't hurt. I took before and after pictures, fingers crossed for some results.

Ok I think this is everything. Any new mama's out there want to be accountable with me?? Let's get fit together!

...and because I can't resist:
My cutie patootie!

Mere :-)