::Henley:: Month Three Yippee!

It's here again and oh so soon--Henley is three months old! This month has been another great month full of smiles and laughs which I love SO much. My favorite is in the mornings when she wakes up. She starts opening her eyes and grunting and stretching, she then finds me and I said "Good Morning Sunshine" and she gets the biggest grin and smile ever. Ted says she's probably thinking "yay you didn't disappear overnight!" It's seriously the cutest thing ever!


She’s been gaining about 2 lbs a month so based on that, I think she’s about 13 lbs. She weighed 11 lbs 12 oz at her 2-month check up, she was 22.5” long (not the 14 lbs I blogged last month, apparently my method of weighing myself and then her doesn't work). She goes back to the doctor at month 4 so we will get an official weight then.


I think this section will start having more and more activity being she started day care! I know it’s normal and all kids go through getting sick at day care but I hate seeing her like that. She’s been in day care one week and already is congested with a stuffy nose. Boo!! I hate seeing her uncomfortable.

Speaking of day care, she got her first “boo boo”. She’s in an infant room with babies one year old and younger. Some of them are at the age where they are starting to walk around and I think Henley got pelted in the head with a toy by one of the “bigger” kids. It left a little red mark but was healed by the next day. I took it surprisingly well, I’m just glad I was not the one that caused her first injury!

She is still sleeping pretty well in my opinion. She isn't sleeping through the night just yet but I feel like she gets up to eat and goes right back down without any issue for the most part. Last week was her first week at day care and she was only getting up once a night, around midnight and then again around 5. That was pretty awesome but didn't last through the weekend. She got up every 3 hours this weekend which may be due to a growth spurt. She’s 3 months and that’s usually a time for growth spurts. Honestly I am just thrilled she goes back down after eating in the middle of the night, it doesn't really bother me to get up and nurse for 15-20 minutes.

I think it’s time to start the crib at night but I am so reluctant since her room is so far from ours and it will take so much effort to get up to calm her down or nurse her (also because the longest she’s ever slept in the crib is an hour). There is a guest bed in that room so I've toyed with the idea of sleeping in there for a little while until she gets used to sleeping in the crib and is sleeping longer stretches.


She’s still comfortably in 0-3, everything is fitting really well and she doesn't really seem to be growing out of them yet. Her Easter dress is 0-3 so let’s hope she stays in 0-3 for a few more weeks.


Mama’s milk. I feel really blessed that I have had success producing enough milk for her plus some. I started pumping more often since I went back to work (boo!) and I have been pumping about 6-8 ounces more a day than she is eating. I pray I can keep up with her through these growth spurts, I really want to be able to breastfeed her the whole first year.

Baby Gear Love

We bought her a new activity play toy for the floor after I read great reviews about it. Grandma Patricia bought her the Fisher Price Kick and Play and she LOVES it! She loves the mirror and looking at herself and it has toys that catch her eye and she can reach.

She’s getting better at sitting in the Baby Snug seat but I haven’t really used this a lot since most of the time she is playing on the floor and sitting in the seat is kind of boring. I think this seat will be nice to have once she is eating finger foods and can use the tray for that. She is sitting in it for her monthly pictures above.
Baby Snug Seat

We also bought her a high chair, the Graco Slim Spaces! It seems like every time it’s our dinner time, she wants attention so I found a high chair that reclines so she is able to sit in it and watch us. It’s nice to have somewhere to put her so she can sit at the table with us. I've also rolled it into the kitchen while we've been cooking and she likes to look around and watch us.

This weekend we put together her Baby Einstein Activity Center but she’s still too little to enjoy it. It’s ready and waiting for her though.

We also still LOVE the Puj Tub---bath time is so fun and sometimes we let her just hang out in there. She has such a blast!
Having a little fun at bath time


She’s really good with crying still, only crying when she’s not feeling well. Last night was terrible---she was VERY gassy plus being congested, she was not a happy baby! It’s so sad to see her upset!


We’re into a pretty solid routine now which is nice and she’s really good when we are out and about (we've had a few times where she’s been fussy in restaurants but it’s not the norm). 

Since I started back to work last week, she’s in day care every day. Dad drops her off around 7:45 and I pick up at 4. She’s meeting all kind of new friends there.
Henley's first day of school

This month Henley got to meet her Aunt Tara for the first time. Grandma and Aunt Tara came to visit a couple weeks ago. She loved hanging out with them and it was great to see them.
Henley with Grandma Patricia

Henley also got to meet Baby Kennedy, Baby Kyle, and she got to see Baby Braxton again. There are so many babies and I can't wait until they are all old enough for play time!
Henley and Braxton


I’m feeling great health-wise but a little lost otherwise. I don’t know how to work out with this postpartum body and I’m scared to do too much and effect my breast milk supply. I’m still not comfortable with my body, which is totally normal and I get that but it’s just weird to not feel like myself. I’m hoping to be able to get into a lunch workout routine now that I am back to work and we have a gym on campus. I really want to run but I don’t know when there will be a good time to do that. We have a running stroller but it’s not suggested to be used with the baby until six months or so. Hopefully soon I can get into a routine with my time that allows me to spend as much time with Henley as possible while still having some mommy time to get healthy.

Speaking of working out, you’ll notice that I have stopped the “Get Fit” posts, mainly because I haven’t done much. Hopefully I’ll be able to start those back up soon.


She’s really starting to focus and grab onto things which is so cool to watch. I love that she follows me walking across the room. She will also turn her head and look for us when she hears our voice. It’s pretty awesome!

She’s also started putting her pacifier in her mouth when it falls out too, she did that last week for the first time. She was swinging and putting it in and taking it out. It's so neat to watch her develop like that.

I feel like she is right on the verge of rolling over. She isn't a fan of “tummy time” so that is hindering her developing her rolling over but I know she’ll get it sooner or later.

I already miss the little 7lbs baby we brought home but every time she grabs onto a toy or smiles at us I get so excited for what else is to come. It's such a weird feeling wanting her to stay little at the same time as I can't wait to see what is next. She is so awesome and I thank God every day for blessing us with such a great baby. It's amazing how much I love her!

I hope you all have a great week!

Mere :-)