::Get Fit:: Still Going!...and a Little Henley

I have to say that I am pretty dang proud of myself! I am still going on with the 30 Day Shred. I just completed Day 14 and am on Level 2. I have to say that Level 2 is way more difficult than Level 1----so much so that I am finding it a little more difficult to get motivated. The good thing about these workouts is that from start to finish, it's less than 30 minutes so once I start, which is the hardest part, there is really no point in stopping.

Level 1 went by rather quickly, Level 2 is dragging a little more. I took pictures at Day 10 and I am praying for even better results at Level 2---6 days away!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! This week has been my "busy week" of the month and the first time I haven't been off in time to get Henley. I have really missed that little thing, every moment with her is special. Luckily I've been home in time for bedtime each night but I will be glad to be back to normal next week.

And because I have had way too many picture-free posts lately, here are some of the latest and greatest!

 This is one of my all-time favorite pictures!

Happy Friday! 

Mere :-)