::Get Fit:: 30 Day Shred Results

It's a little delayed but here are my 30 Day Shred results. I have to admit that I lost steam. Level 1 and Level 2 were great and I didn't miss any days at all. Level 3 however is a different story. I actually liked Level 3 more than Level 2 but by the time I got there in the program I was a little burnt. 

Level 3 has a lot of planking and other moves that require pressure on the wrists. My wrists bug me often and just doing the Level 3 workout 2-3 times was causing me aching wrists. This issue combined with the lack of motivation resulted in 2 weeks of no workouts. 

I went ahead and took pictures today to show you. I can definitely see some difference but not drastic changes. This is pretty humbling experience so please bear with me. :-)

Like I said, not dramatic but just enough to keep me going. I should note that I ate pretty much the same as always and didn't follow any strict diet or nutrition guides. I'm hesitant to workout and change my diet at the same time due to breastfeeding, I've heard it can mess with supply.

Next steps: I have Jillian's 90 Day Body Revolution and I think I'm going that direction for my next phase. Hopefully in 90 days these "afters" will be my "befores"!

Hope everything is going well. We've had some wakeful night lately so I'm pretty exhausted. Heading to bed!

Over the hump, Friday's around the corner!!

Mere :-)