::Get Fit:: Stretch Marks Before and After!

If you've been reading for a while, you know that right after Henley was born I posted my goals for getting fit and healthy post partum. As part of that post I mentioned that I started using a cream on my stretch marks. I was initially using Bio Oil but had read great reviews about Mama Mio's Goodbye Stretch Marks so decided to give it a try. 

The directions say to use it three times a day but I didn't have time to dedicate to that. I put it on in the morning and any time I got out of the shower. I didn't use it on my breasts if I knew I would be feeding Henley soon thereafter and the marks on my breasts are darker than my stomach. This makes sense since I was much more diligent about putting it on my belly, I really didn't want Henley ingesting the lotion. I am about halfway through my second bottle of this.

Here we are three months since that post (five months since Henley's birth) with results from using this lotion. We have been going to the beach lately and my hubs pointed out how light the marks were. I knew they were getting better but hearing someone else point it out was great to hear. I took pictures this morning and now seeing the pictures side by side is proof how well they look. I almost didn't believe it. 

Before w/o flash
After w/o flash
Before w/ flash

After w/ flash

I am so pleased with these results. If you are having problems with stretch marks I highly recommend this cream. It's $70 but worth it for me. I just wanted to share and let you all know there is hope!

Thanks to the short week it's already Thursday! Yay! 

Mere :-)