::Baby G Take 2:: Week 11

I"m making a pledge to do my best to keep up with these pictures and blog posts. I love looking back and reading Henley's and I know I will regret it if I don't. With that being said, let's jump right in with my first pregnancy update for Baby G #2!

How far along? 11 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 2 lbs.  (yes already!)

Maternity clothes? Yep! This time around I am much less interested in squeezing in my normal clothes. I caved at 9 weeks and started wearing maternity pants. Maybe it's because I now know how amazingly comfortable they are!

Stretch marks? Not yet! Last time I never realized I had them on my belly until Henley was out.

Symptoms: Majority of the nausea is gone, I've just had a few waves of it here and there. I'm still pretty exhausted by the end of the day and I am peeing a TON! I forgot how often pregnant women pee! 

Sleep: SO good. Henley has been sleeping through the night for about two months and I'm actually (finally) sleeping too!

Best moment this week: Seeing the baby on the ultrasound on Monday. We went to the doctor for our New OB appointment. This is the appointment we discuss payment plans, all of out decisions regarding the baby and delivery, and do all of the bloodwork. We also had an ultrasound and the baby was moving! This was our second ultrasound----nothing better than seeing the baby is ok!

Have you told family and friends: Yes everyone knows. It's been impossible not to tell with this belly!

Miss anything? Not yet, too early to really miss anything.

Movement: Nothing yet.

Food cravings: Tons---Southern comfort food, Mashed Potatoes

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing specifically

Have you started to show yet: Yes its crazy how different my bump is this time around. It's like my body is saying---no worries! I got this.

Gender: I'm guessing girl. The heartbeat is very similar to what Henley's was. I know that's a wivestale but that's all I have to go off on at the moment. 

Labor Signs: None. 

Belly Button in or out? In but still stretched from last time. 

Wedding Rings On or Off? On

Happy or Moody: Happy the majority of the time

Exercise: None this week. I've been wanting to get back into something light a few times a week. I need to just do it!

Looking forward to: End of the first trimester. Cannot wait to enter the glorious second trimester, minimal sickness but not too big and uncomfortable. 

 Have a great weekend all and can't wait to share this journey with you all again!

Mere :-)