::Macie:: One Week Old

It's been one week since Macie Paige joined our family and it feels like she's been here all along. She's the perfect little addition to our family.


Macie weighed 8 lbs 4 oz at birth. We took her to the pediatrician on Friday at 5 days old and she was already back to birth weight! The doctor seemed very impressed.


Macie is healthy as can be!


Macie has been settling into a pretty solid sleep routine. She's sleeping for 2-3 hours at a time most of the day/night and we've have a few runs of 3-5 hours. I've found if I wake her to nurse on both sides she will sleep at least 3 hours. She is sleeping in the Rock n' Play next to our bed during the night and we bring it into the living room during the day. She loves the Rock n' Play just as much as her sister did.


Macie is a little longer than Henley was and Newborn PJ's are already too short for her. Newborn onesies and outfits are fitting just perfectly. 


Macie is nursing around the clock. She is going about 2 hours in between feedings. My nipples are finally starting to feel normal and pain-free. The milk coma look afterwards to seriously the best!

Baby Gear Love

The Rock n' Play is definitely getting the most use. The boppy pillow is coming in handy for nursing and propping her up as well. She's also been getting hiccups a lot and we've used just the smallest drop of gripe water and they go away instantly.


She cries when she is hungry mostly. She is very vocal though--grunting and squeaking as she is starting to wake up.


This week we tried to limit visitors as I was very overwhelmed with Henley during the first week. We did have a few visitors. Grandma Gail visited a few times and Gigi Patricia stopped by for 2 days to say hello. Grandpa Rick and Grandma Toni came by on Friday too. Uncle Grant came by with Charlee too. 

On Saturday we had our newborn photo session. I cannot wait to see the great shots that our photographer captured. 

We've also started getting out of the house and taking mellow walks around the block. Mama is looking forward to getting out more often in the next week.


Mama is feeling pretty good, I feel like I am healing faster this time around despite the labor being more painful. I'm getting into the hang of breastfeeding again. I feel like my belly is finally going down and all of the swelling is out of my feet.


This week was full of firsts---first time meeting everyone, first doctor's visit, first time meeting big sister Henley.