::Macie:: Eight Months


No doctor's visit this month so no idea what she's weighing, I'm pretty excited to find out her latest stats next month!


We've had a great month! My little girls is happy and healthy. Love it!


Macie has stopped sleeping through the night but she is still sleeping pretty good overall. Lately she's been waking up around 11pm and 5am, sometimes around 2am as well. After I nurse her at 5am she is usually up for the day between 6-6:30. Luckily she goes right back down after nursing. Sometimes she can't find her paci and just cries until we give it to her, I guess that's the only downfall to her choosing a paci over her fingers.


We are still rocking 9 month clothes over here. She has worn a few 12M outfits but those were pretty big. We had to get some more use out of Henley's Halloween hand-me-downs. I had so much fun this month dressing the girls in matching Halloween outfits. We even had their school pictures taken with coordinating outfits.


We are successfully eating food!! Turns out it wasn't the food making her belly upset, she was constipated. We were so scared to try different foods that we ended up giving her tons of bananas and she was a mess. We've started giving pears and prunes regularly and it's been great. She's had all kinds of foods and even had a waffle and a pumpkin pancake this weekend! I'm loving that she is eating food. 

On the downside, my milk supply has totally tanked!! It's slowing getting up a little bit but on average she is drinking 10oz a day and I am pumping 7oz. I'm having to pump at night and in the morning sometimes, I am also takes fenugreek, adding brewer's yeast to my shakes, eating oatmeal, and drinking tons of water. I also only have about 6 bags of frozen milk so the pressure is on. I'm feeling a little more optimistic about it. Two weeks ago I was very stressed and thinking the worst. Just keep swimming!!


Once we figured out the constipation issue, the crying has been minimal. Macie knows what she wants and is pretty vocal if we don't oblige. She is going to be my feisty pants!

Baby Gear Love

Lately we've been using the stroller quite a bit. The City Select is seriously an awesome stoller.

Macie has also loved standing on this toy. She's not quite pulling up yet but she loves when we prop her up on this toy.


We had a great month full of birthday parties, pumpkin patches, Halloween parade, friends and trick or treating!


Starting to pull up and eating foods are the highlights for this month!

Big Sister Love!

School pictures!

I'm so excited that November is finally here! Thanksgiving and then December which is one of my favorites---Christmas and Henley's birthday. I am also so excited for Macie's first Christmas!!!

Mere :-)