Cinco de Mayo Recipe!!

This past weekend we hosted our second annual pool party with a bunch of friends and their kids. It is such a great way to get together and have a blast. Everyone has fun including the adults and since everyone that came lives in our neighborhood, it's just a quick walk home.

Both years we've hosted this party we did a taco bar for the food. It's easy and quick to prepare and everyone can customize it for their preferences. I wanted to share with you this recipe that is such a winner and would be great for Cinco de Mayo this Friday.

The recipe is from and is called

Charley's Slow Cooker Mexican Meat

. You can use a few different kinds of meat but our favorite is pork. We use a 4-5 lbs bone-in Boston butt and follow the recipe exactly. We remove the fatty parts before shredding and throw it in a pan before eating to crisp it up some. You can make burritos, tacos, or even tostones with it. My favorite is topped with cheese, lettuce, black beans, tomato, and fresh avocado---sprinkle with salt and it's amazing!

Of course I was too busy having fun to take pictures of the food and decorations but here are some of the super cute kiddos having a blast!

I also can't pass up an opportunity to share this picture--I love when everyone is actually looking at the camera!!

Let me know if you try this recipe---like I said, you won't regret it. Add some fresh margaritas and you've got a party!

Happy May everyone!