Treat Yo' Self: Nordstrom Sale

I try extremely hard to keep this blog full of content that you, the readers, will find valuable while still remaining true to myself. One thing I've kept from the blog that I really enjoy is fashion or beauty related posts. It's so intimidating to blog about style and fashion when there are so many great fashion bloggers out there but in that same breath---this is my blog and this is part of me. I don't like feeling that I am withholding a part of me because I fear my opinions and posts won't be good enough, so here it goes.

Lately, I have found some really great items at Nordstrom and they are having a fall sale right now with up to 40% off some items so I thought I'd share my finds. Here are some things I am loving and I think would be great additions to your wardrobe.


First, these booties! I got them as part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and while they are not marked down quite as much right now, they are 20% off. These are not only very comfortable, they go with everything---jeans, leggings, dresses. These are a must have. If you only buy one shoe this fall, this should be it! It is open-toed but in Florida, this works pretty much year round. 

Nordstrom Collage 1.jpg

All of these tops are amazing and I am having to force myself to not where them multiple times a week. This long tunic blouse is so comfortable and perfect for layering over leggings. It's tough for someone my height to find long shirts that aren't sweaters, this is just perfect -- long without adding bulk. I have this in the white and the quail color, which is a pretty light purple-gray.

The Calson t-shirts are my absolutely favorite and look so cute with boyfriend jeans and slip on sneakers. I have this in about 5 colors---not even kidding. They aren't on sale right now but highly recommend!

The Olivia Moon blazer is a super soft and flexible blazer that I throw over jeans and a shirt or a dress for work. I usually roll the sleeves or push them up for a more casual look. I have it in blue but am considering the stripes since it's on sale. 

Here are some other things I have my eye on, trying not to spend too much but OMG so cute! 

Nordstrom Collage 2.jpg

sweater | riding boots | faux leather tote | grommet tee

I'd love to hear of anything you purchased through this sale--share your goodies. If these types of posts are something you're interested in seeing more of, please let me know. I love shopping and would love it even more if I could share great finds with you all. 

Happy Friday friends! We did it!