Letters to Santa

Henley feverishly flipped through the Target catalog weeks ago, carefully looking at each page in detail to ensure no item was missed. Her list for Santa was miles long, or so I thought. When we went to visit the big guy in red, she asked for one simple thing----a sewing machine. I was surprised. I'm sure the moment for her would be similar to one of us meeting a celebrity and fumbling on our words. 

In the weeks that have followed our visit to see Santa, I've seen a little worry within her that she didn't ask him for quite everything that she wanted. I found a "Letters to Santa" kit that seemed to be just what Henley needed. With this kit, the elves can deliver your letter to Santa. After he's reviewed it, the elves will bring the letter back and hang it on your tree. There is a cute book that goes with it that we read beforehand that helped the girls understand what we were going to do. 


The best part about this whole thing is the letter becomes a keepsake, something I hope to continue in years to come, looking back at their drawings and handwriting through the years. 


We started with "magic paper" and wrote down some thing they wanted. Henley asked for a Hatchimal, an elf doll, and a My Little Pony Twilight Sparkles. Macie wants an elf doll and a baby. 


After the letter is just right, you sandwich it between two pieces of parchment paper that is provided and top it with a magic sheet from Mrs. Claus. They all go into the oven for about 3 minutes and come out elf sized, perfect for Sprinkles and Poppy to carry to the North Pole. We added a ribbon and whaa-la! Ready to go.