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I have been really loving Pinterest for a few months now and I have already used some of their pins for a couple crafts I have done. I did this one about a month ago and I highly recommend. It's super easy and relatively quick to complete. Sometime projects that linger over a couple days don't always get completed if you know what I mean.

This was the inspiration for my project (original post here):

I wanted to use a gallery wrap canvas so it would stand on it's own on a shelf of my entertainment center. I also wanted find a quote that means something to me or something I need to reflect on often. Sometimes in life I try so hard to make sure everything is just right that I lose sight of the big picture. I thought this quote would be a perfect reminder for myself.

Here are my supplies:
I downloaded this font at 1001freefonts.com

I just traced the letters, let dry overnight, and glued them to the board with Mod Podge. I applied a decent layer of Mod Podge on the canvas and arranged the letters how I liked. Once the canvas dried a bit, I painted a layer of the Mod Podge over the letters as well.

I loved the look of the white but thought it would be pretty harsh against my dark entertainment center. Therefore I went with an ivory spray. Here is the finished product.

I'd highly recommend you be consistent in your brush strokes with the glue as they do show through. Also as a suggestion (if you are extremely anal like me), use a ruler and pencil marks to make sure your letters are straight. The paint covered the pencil marks with two coats. 

I think this is an easy craft for any level and it's great because you pick the quote and it's something personal.

Have a great week all!

:-) Mere