::Concert:: Zac Brown Band

Hey Ya'll. I am not usually one to use that term but after rocking out to Zac Brown last night, I think it's appropriate! Last night my husband, Ted, and I along with my sister, Allie, and her boyfriend, Nick, all went to the Zac Brown Concert! I loved it! We had floor seats which I mistakenly thought were actually seats, they were instead standing room only. I would have loved to sit at least in the beginning and during the act changes but you can't win them all, it just meant my planned run for this morning has to wait.

The concert opening acts were Nic Cowan and Sonia Leigh. I hadn't heard the music of either of these but quickly fell in love with Sonia Leigh. She isn't the typical country artist but I think that's why I loved it. Definitely check out some of her songs.

Zac Brown played for a long time and thankfully played my favorite song, Colder Weather! Here are some pics from the night.

Any country music fans out there?? If so this concert is a must!!

Have a great weekend!

:-) Mere!