::Fun:: Boat Days Have Began

This post will probably seem strange to those in different parts of the country but today was our first boating day for 2012. My family and I are typical Florida Beach Bums and usually spend every weekend from April to September in some form of outside, sun related activity----usually boating. Today we were able to enjoy great weather (a little windy, but overall great) in the 80's, in February!

The morning started out cloudy, windy, and cool----I was not optimistic that there was a nice boat day in our future. By 11:30 though, we were out on the water enjoying clear skies and sunshine! Since it's not too hot or humid this time of year, Fitzgerald even gets to join us! Here are some pics from the day.

Husband and the pup
Pups relaxing

Clear Skies

Ladderball which is a perfect beach game

I, however, am not anywhere close to good at it!

Sister and her bf Nick


Sister and I

Now if only tomorrow wasn't Monday! Hope your weekend was perfect!!

:-) Mere