It's Been a While

It's Been a While

It’s been a while, almost a year to be exact. I’m missed this. I’ve missed sharing through writing and photography. I’ve missed having a creative outlet. I’ve missed exercising this side of my brain.

I’m an accountant. My day-to-day life is full of rules and guidelines, math that makes sense. There is problem solving and analytical skills required but very little true creativity. There are no artistic expressions

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::Fun:: Adele---Can we Seriously Be Friends?!

Adele----can we please be friends? I really think it would be great. You and Angelo can come over and hang out. The girls would love him, I’m sure of it!

I came to the realization this week that not only is Adele the most amazing singer EVER but also such a down to earth person. A few friends and I attended her concert in Miami and it was everything I imagined and more. She opened with Hello of course and the show just got better and better. It ended with our whole row in tears while she said “Someone Like You”.

This was also my first night away from the girls alone. Daddy did amazing and the girls were well behaved and everything!

I'm wearing a black lace top from Old Navy and necklace from Francesca's

The weekend ahead is insanely busy but busy with very exciting, festive things. Can’t wait to fill you all in later!

::Me:: What I've Learned...About Myself

I’m 34. It’s so weird to see that number because I don’t feel how I thought 34 would feel, in reality I don’t know what 34 should feel like. So much about life is different from what we expect it to be.

Time flies by. I know that is such a common saying but everyone says it because it’s so true!

I recently found myself referring to someone that is 26 as “about my age”. That’s not true obviously. Someone that is 26 is eight years younger than me but that’s honestly what it feels like. However looking back it does make sense that I’m 34. I’ve been out of college and in the working world for over ten years. I have been a mom for four years. I have been with my husband for nineteen years and we’ve been married for ten of those years. Not to mention the countless life lessons I’ve learned about the world and also about myself.

I am a procrastinator. I never really gave myself that label before but over time I realize that I push everything down to the wire. If there is no deadline, I accomplish most of my goals eventually but if there is a deadline, I’m usually working right up to that moment, maybe a few hours before. My work day usually begins with catching up on Facebook and the news rather than knocking out my list and using any free time at the end of the day to catch-up.

I am introverted. I’m friendly, chatty even at times but for the most part I want to keep to my world (my friends, my family, my turf). I make plans with good intentions but usually have thoughts to cancel. If I don’t cancel, I usually do have fun but sometimes in the moments leading up to it, I have second thoughts and regret committing.

I love Pinot Noir and I love knowing which wines I love. I also love that I know which wines I like best with which foods.

I value friends but I’ve learned I can break-up with a friend if it’s in the best interest of both of us and that’s ok. Friendships are needed in those moments you just need a reprieve; whether it be a break from work, kids, or real life, friends are there. Friendships are easy and natural and for the friendships that are not these things, it’s ok if they are no more. Life is too short; time and energy too limited to be expended on friendships that aren’t enjoyable.

I love Target, like LOVE. I love that I can redecorate my patio while picking up wipes and yogurt. I love that I live three miles from one. I love that I can peruse the aisles with a Starbucks tea and a cake pop. I love that my girls love Target as much as I do. ::keep up the good work Target::

I find peace in a good book and I’ve learned that a bath can heal almost anything.

I value people. I will not put others down to make myself look better and I will not step on someone to get higher. I put family above work at all times. I know I only get 18 or so years with my girls and no job or promotion is worth missing out on any moment with them.

I do not have a poker face. I wear my thoughts and emotions and it’s felt in my demeanor. I do not play games and I am genuine.

I am capable of more love than I could have ever fathomed 15 years ago. I love my husband more every day. I love my girls each so much. I love my family and my friends. I love this life I have built with them.

I am so blessed to have all I do. Who knows where I’ll be in another ten years but based on the last ten, I look forward to seeing it.

::Family:: First Day in the SUN!

If you have been a reader for any length of time you know I LOVE the sun, like major L.O.V.E!! My husband and I typically spend every weekend in the sun whether it be at the beach, on the boat, or at the pool. This year is obviously a little different from years past as we have a new member of the family with very sensitive skin therefore our 8 hour days in the sun may be changed a little this year---all for the better though.

Yesterday we took our first trip to the beach with Henley. Florida is already having record heat so we wanted to get out there early.

This was on the way home from work today at 4pm.

We were all set and ready to go by 9:30 or so. We stopped for some breakfast and then were on our way. We typically have our hands full when venturing to the beach but what we used to bring doesn't come close to what you bring with an infant.

Here is a quick run-down:

  • Henley (obvs :-) )
  • Diaper back complete with diapers, wipes, outfits, burp cloth, and toys
  • Beach bag with towels, sunscreen, Henley's bathing suit and cover-up, Henley's hat
  • Baby snug seat
  • Pop up beach tent
  • Both of our beach chairs
This was our set up, I think next time we will bring an umbrella also. If I wanted to hold her I had to be in the tent so she wasn't exposed to too much sun.

That may not seem like a lot but when I'm holding a baby, I'm a little limited as to what I can help carry. A baby wrap or carrier is out of the question in this heat, I'd feel like she is getting suffocated.

Despite all of the extra effort and paraphernalia, we had a great time! Henley was so funny. She loved looking around and feeling the water and sand. She was confused most of the time and just looked all over, taking it all in. We only stayed about two hours but she was great! She stayed awake the whole time and was so happy!

This is awesome!


She fell asleep the instant we were in the car. 

It was such a good day and now that I see what it entails (and that it's not so intimidating), we will be heading back out there soon!

Hope your Mondays were great. Mine got off to a rocky start but ended with my sweet baby in my arms. Ted and Henley were in a fender bender this morning and while everyone was/is perfectly fine, I was a panicked wreck until I got there and saw for myself. She was smiling and laughing and the cars are pretty much ok, one little crack in the bumper. Did make me see how quickly things happen though. Between that and the Boston Marathon bombings, I didn't want to lay her down tonight. Love her so much and can't even fathom something happening to her.

Hug your babies tight tonight!

Mere :-)

::Fun:: I'm 30!

Last week marked the end of a decade in my life, I said goodbye to my twenties. While I anticipated it being sad/upsetting/::insert depressing adjective here::, I realized that I am so excited to enter this new stage of my life.

My mom, husband, and sister put together a little dinner/party with some close friends at a Mexican Restaurant in town. It was a great night being surrounded but those I love!

Even the mariachi band joined in!

Thanks to my family and hubs for celebrating and helping me enter this next stage of my life smiling!

:-) Mere

::Fun:: Let's Go HEAT!

Most of you know I am a die hard Miami Heat fan. Monday night we got tickets (row 19---ahhh!) to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Celtics. Miami won and the game was so exciting. Worse part was driving home from Miami at 11pm, getting home at 2:30 in the morning and having to be at work at 8 the next day----miserable Tuesday but totally worth it!



These late night games are wearing me out. Watching the Spurs and Thunder now, probably won't stay up the whole time.

Any basketball fans out there?!?!

:-) Mere

...oh and GO HEAT!

::Sun:: Beach and Boat Time

Last weekend we went boating and went to Cayo Costa with my hubs and sister. It was a beautiful day, mostly. My sister and I met my husband at the ramp who had been fishing in the morning with his dad. We decided to go and anchor at Cayo Costa. It's a really gorgeous island only accessible by boat and has a great gulf view.

We had a little lunch and were just relaxing...
(this is how you eat macaroni salad from Publix withou a spoon---just use the lid)

My sister got some cute pictures of the hubs and I in the water...

After a few hours, my hubs turned around and the sky behind us was so dark. We decided to start packing up the boat to try and beat the rain. The minute we picked up the chairs the rain started pouring down. We all three huddled under the umbrella and waited the rain out---it was pretty hilarious!

(we are all about being silly!)

Hope you are having a great weekend!

:-) Mere

::Hair:: My First Attempt @ Chalking

 If you have been on Pinterest for any length of time, you have probably seen hair chalking. I was instantly intrigued and thought it was a perfect way to change things up a bit. I went to Jo-Ann's and bought these soft pastels. All you need is chalk, hairspray, rubber gloves, and a water bottle. You'll need the gloves if you don't want your fingers stained.

My hair was already curled when I did the chalking so I took a few strands and sprayed them with a water bottle to get them pretty wet. I twisted the hair and took the chalk, rubbing it all over my hair until I got the desired color saturation, I only did the ends as I like that look. When first applied, it looks darker than it will end up since the chalk is wet.

I took a blow dryer to it to get it mostly dry and then I lightly combed through it. Chalk went every where at this point, beware! Once it was semi-combed through, I curled it and sprayed it to keep the color from going on everything. I wasn't going out anywhere and I was just playing with this to see how it works. T colors came out so vibrant. I can't wait to try this for a night out!

Final look:

Have you guys tried it?? Good news---tomorrow is FRIDAY!

:-) Mere

::Fun:: Line Dancing

You read that correctly---Line Dancing! A new club/bar opened in town about 8 months ago and they play mostly Country Music, their focus is Line Dancing. I have been dying to go but haven't really had the chance so a couple weeks ago, we finally made it.

My sister and her friends go pretty regularly, so they were able to meet before we went to teach me a couple awesome dances. Everyone pretty much wears boots and shorts so of course I followed suit. Here are some pictures from the night.

This was such a good time that we are planning on going again soon. Any line dancers out there?? Trust me, it's way more fun than it sounds.

:-) Mere

::Fun:: Boat Days Have Began

This post will probably seem strange to those in different parts of the country but today was our first boating day for 2012. My family and I are typical Florida Beach Bums and usually spend every weekend from April to September in some form of outside, sun related activity----usually boating. Today we were able to enjoy great weather (a little windy, but overall great) in the 80's, in February!

The morning started out cloudy, windy, and cool----I was not optimistic that there was a nice boat day in our future. By 11:30 though, we were out on the water enjoying clear skies and sunshine! Since it's not too hot or humid this time of year, Fitzgerald even gets to join us! Here are some pics from the day.

Husband and the pup
Pups relaxing

Clear Skies

Ladderball which is a perfect beach game

I, however, am not anywhere close to good at it!

Sister and her bf Nick


Sister and I

Now if only tomorrow wasn't Monday! Hope your weekend was perfect!!

:-) Mere