::Sun:: Beach and Boat Time

Last weekend we went boating and went to Cayo Costa with my hubs and sister. It was a beautiful day, mostly. My sister and I met my husband at the ramp who had been fishing in the morning with his dad. We decided to go and anchor at Cayo Costa. It's a really gorgeous island only accessible by boat and has a great gulf view.

We had a little lunch and were just relaxing...
(this is how you eat macaroni salad from Publix withou a spoon---just use the lid)

My sister got some cute pictures of the hubs and I in the water...

After a few hours, my hubs turned around and the sky behind us was so dark. We decided to start packing up the boat to try and beat the rain. The minute we picked up the chairs the rain started pouring down. We all three huddled under the umbrella and waited the rain out---it was pretty hilarious!

(we are all about being silly!)

Hope you are having a great weekend!

:-) Mere