::Baby G:: 5 Weeks!


This week has been mostly all about realization---am I really pregnant? Is this really happening?? I have even caught myself just saying aloud "I'm pregnant". I always hoped I'd be pregnant at some point but now that it's here it feels so surreal.

I made my appointment with the OB last week and the first time they will see you is at 7-8 weeks. (OMG! That's so far away). Luckily my sister works for the same OB Practice as a Nursing Assistant and was able to get a confirmation ultrasound appointment two weeks earlier with the doctor she works directly with. I am going in on Thursday May 10th to see this little one! I am so nervous and excited all at once! I really hope I can see it and hear a heartbeat!

We have been planning how and when to tell everyone---so far here is how it has gone and what we are thinking.

BFF: Got the faintest positive line the day of our missed period and sent her the picture of the test. Immediately called her immediately for confirmation that she was seeing what I was seeing since the line was faint. There was a lot of OMG's and I can't believe it and is it really a line?? You see it too??  OMG I guess I'm pregnant!!

Sister: I had a picture of the pregnancy test in my phone and the picture before it was a picture of Fitz. We went to First Watch for breakfast and I handed her my phone and said "Look at these funny pictures of Fitz". She flipped for the next picture and looked up at me with the biggest eyes and just started crying, then I started crying. We were both sitting there bawling like babies in the middle of the restaurant. It was a great moment.

At this point, no other family members are aware. We are planning on telling everyone on Mother's Day which is a little sooner than I thought I would share but at this point if anything happens, I will want the love and support of my family so I feel it's the right thing for us to do. One week and I can finally share this news with those I love!

Can't wait!

Baby is the size of an appleseed!

:-) Mere