::Baby G:: The Tests Are Positve!

I’m writing this now, April 26th, even though I won’t be able to post it on the blog for a while.

Teddy and I have been trying to get pregnant for about six months now. For those of you that know me, you know that I am quite the control freak and wanted to get pregnant in month one and have everything fall in line from there. Needless to say, God laughed in the face of my plan.

I’ve been charting my temperatures, using ovulation predictor kits, and taking prenatal vitamins now for six months and lo and behold---there is a BFP (big fat positive!). Yay!

This may be a little TMI for some of you but oh well---this is baby making in its finest. I think I may have conceived when the Heat lost big time to the Bulls. The game was going well, we almost won and then the Bulls tied the game in the last 20 seconds. The game went into overtime and the Heat lost by 10 points! –Are you kidding me?! To say I was upset is a huge understatement but if this little cupcake is the result of a little exercise to release my anger, then I’ll take a loss from the Heat any day.

The last week or so I can’t really say I had “symptoms” but I just had a feeling like I was pregnant. We went to my mom’s for dinner on Monday night to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday. We sat down for dinner and I was drinking a Coke, I looked over to my hubs and whispered “Hopefully this is the last Coke I will drink for a while”. Looks like I was right!

My period was supposed to start Tuesday or Wednesday. I usually do not even think about taking a pregnancy test unless I am late but I just had a feeling. I woke up Tuesday morning and was thinking should I take it, should I not, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. After much toiling in my mind, I decided to take it. I was in the bathroom waiting and waiting. Teddy asked me how it was going and came in the bathroom to check it out. The test was on the floor (we don’t have countertops in toilet room) and I was on my hands and knees eyeing that test like a crazy woman. I remember saying “I think I see a line, maybe I’m imagining it though”, Teddy came in and said “there is definitely a line”. The line got a little darker and was definitely there. It was faint but it was there for sure! We put the test on the bathroom counter and I just remember hugging Teddy like there was no tomorrow.

At lunch on Tuesday, I went to Target and bought two more boxes of tests, different brands of course, just to make sure.

I was still pretty skeptical at this point (that line was faint!). First thing I did when I got home was take test number 2---another, even fainter line. At this point I wasn’t 100% sure but I was getting closer---two faint lines are better than one. 

Wednesday morning test number three which was a digital test and has the words on it. The test is supposed to take 3 minutes but I had the word Pregnant in about 20 seconds! I’m convinced now!!!

I have been pondering ways and when to tell my family. I want to make it so special as my mom has no idea we are trying and she has been begging me for years! I cannot wait to see her expression and excitement.

It is killing me that I have to wait a month to go to the doctor. I need confirmation people. I need to know that I am not just some crazy person that peed on a stick. I need to know this cupcake is sticking and along for the ride. I can say that I have faith and I have prayed more this last week than I have ever before. This is such a gift from God and I cannot wait to start this journey. I hope you will all join me for the ride!

:-) Mere