::Craftie:: Homemade Cloth Wipes

Since we are under a hurricane warning thanks to Isaac, I thought today would be a great day for a craft. I've mentioned multiple times that we are planning to cloth diaper Baby G when she arrives but recently, I have decided to use cloth wipes as well. From what I have read, it's almost more of a pain to use disposable wipes when cloth diapering because you have to figure out a separate way to dispose of the wipe since the diaper gets thrown into the wash.

There are multiple brands (here, here, and here are just a few) that sell cloth wipes and we have registered for a few but I have also heard many bloggers and others mention how easy it is to make cloth wipes. I decided to go with flannel on one side of the wipe and terry cloth on the other. I picked a light purple color scheme, Jo-Ann's was pretty limited on their selection.


 Flannel: Light purple and white polka dots

Terry Cloth: Light purple solid

I cut the fabric into 8.5" squares, at least I tried to anyways, some ended up coming out various sizes----in the end it doesn't really matter so if yours are off from the 8.5", no biggie! I pinned the fabric with two pins on each side.

I started halfway down one side and sewed with a 0.25" to a 0.50" seam allowance all around, stopping short of where I started, leaving about 2-3" open. (Be sure to back-stitch the beginning and ending of your stitches so they do not unravel.) When turning the wipe for the corners, I made sure the needle was down in the fabric, lifting the foot and then rotating the fabric. This ensures you do not lose your spot when moving the fabric.
Starting point, be sure to back stitch

This is what it should look like with the 2-3" opening

After this part, I cut the corners of the fabric, this ensures a clean corner when turned inside out. It doesn't have to be perfect or neat as no one will ever see it.
Clipped corners

After you clip the corners, turn the wipe inside out being sure that you push the corners out as much as possible. When turned inside out, it will look like this. 

Tuck the opening in and iron the seam. At this point, you shouldn't be able to tell where the opening is without feeling for it along the edge.

After this, I top-stitched all around the wipe to close the opening and give the wipe a clean look. I sewed a 0.25" seam allowance, maybe a little less. You just need to make sure the opening is closed and the fabric is not sticking out of the seam.

Ta-da: Finished wipe!

I purchased a yard of each fabric and made 16 wipes. I probably could have made 2-4 more but decided 16 was plenty. Be sure to wash and dry the fabric prior to measuring and doing any cutting. The flannel shrunk up quite a bit.

Flannel and Terry Cloth Wipe

I'm really excited for these. We are planning to use these with a homemade solution of water, aloe vera gel, lavender essential oil, and tea tree oil. I am thinking that we will wet a few days worth of wipes in the solution and then store them damp in the Prince Lionheart Cloth Wipe Warmer. I know some people put the wipe solution in a squirt or spray bottle and apply it to the wipes as they get used so that is an option as well.

Anyone else planning on using cloth wipes? I'd love to see yours if you made any.

Onto Hurricane Craft #2!

Mere :-)