::Baby G:: Week 23 and 1 lb!

How far along? 23 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 13.6 lbs 

Maternity clothes? Yep! I finally got shorts that are pretty comfy (see pic above)

Stretch marks? Bad news folks, first stretch mark was spotted on Friday morning. I was getting out of the shower and I spotted it in the mirror. To be honest, I was pretty upset and actually got a little choked up. I researched and found a lot of recommendations for Bio-Oil. I picked some up this week so hopefully it will help!

Symptoms: Heartburn and lower back ache --- same as the last few weeks. My back aches constantly.

Sleep: Pretty good. We went on vacation this weekend to the Keys and I didn't take my Snoogle with me so I woke up a few times with back and neck aches but first night back home in the Snoogle was heaven! Fitz loves the Snoogle too, I always find him snuggled up in the bottom curl of the pillow.

Best moment this week: The baby movement is still my favorite part. I actually got my belly moving on video this week. It was pretty awesome seeing on the outside what I've been feeling on the inside.

Have you told family and friends: Yep

Miss Anything?  Nothing really specific this week.

Movement: Yes---my favorite thing. I love feeling so connected to her.

Food cravings: Tijuana Flats tonight and my hubs was totally awesome and drove 30 minutes with me to get some. Their chips are the best, especially the ones loaded with salt and pepper. Yummmm.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Like I mentioned above, we went to the Keys this weekend with in-laws and some friends. I went on the boat a few times and most of the time I felt great but there was one time I felt a little queasy---no biggie though, hubs dropped me off at the room and I instantly felt better.

Have you started to show yet: Absolutely---you should have seen me in a bathing suit this weekend---pretty hilarious!

Gender: Girl! 

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out? It's getting more and more shallow every day!

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!

Exercise: None, I need to start walking asap!

Looking forward to: The next six day----I'm off until next Wednesday. I have vacation time that expires in December that I need to use so I figured I would take some time off and relax. Hubs and I are getting massages at Sanibel Harbour Resort and I have my next OB appointment on Monday. Pretty awesome week ahead.

Hope your Labor Day was awesome and enjoy the short week!

Mere :-)