::Baby G:: Week 33!

How far along? 33 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 25 at my appointment last week

Maternity clothes? Yes, loving my maternity leggings

Stretch marks? Same, same

Symptoms: Feeling more uncomfortable but really not too bad considering. The Zantac has really helped with the heartburn. I am getting tired a little easier than in the second tri but not near as bad as in the first tri.

Sleep: Pretty good overall, some days I am up 10 times to pee and others only twice. I haven't really found a pattern or rhyme or reason for that.

Best moment this week: There were tons. My mother-in-law came into town on Friday and on Saturday we went with her and my dad and saw Henley on the 3D/4D screen (see below for the video) My placenta is on the front so that's why there isn't a super clear view of her face but you can still see her chubby cheeks and pouty lips . My Shower was also Saturday and it went really great, I'll post pics soon. Overall, a really great weekend.

Have you told family and friends: Yep

Miss anything? Nothing in particular this week.

Movement: This child is crazy! I feel her moving constantly! Sometimes little hiccups, other times is like she is break dancing in there.

Food cravings: Mashed potatoes--yummy!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope but my sense of smell is back to super strength and therefore strong smells get to me pretty quickly.

Have you started to show yet: Oh yes!

Gender: Girl, Henley Nicole!

Labor Signs: None.

Belly Button in or out? It's still in for the most part, hanging on. I feel any day now I am going to sneeze or laugh and it will just pop out and stay there. I did hear recently that it can take a few months to go back in----that was news to me and a little freaky! Yikes!

Wedding rings on or off? Still on but pretty snug.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy for the most part but the emotions have been coming back strong.

Exercise: Busy weekend and all day shopping on Sunday is totally counting for exercise this weekend. Teddy and I had two really great walks downtown on Monday and Tuesday. It's actually been so relaxing---we walk from our house to downtown (a little over a mile) then go to Starbucks and hang out and talk for a bit outside and head back home. It's great to have that time to just be with him. Can't wait for Henley to join us on our walks but for now, I love spending time with just us.

Looking forward to: Babies r' Us tomorrow with my mom. After tomorrow, I will have everything I need for Henley's arrival. I placed my last two orders for things for her that I can't buy in stores. This weekend will consist of a lot of organizing and I am hoping to get started on some washing and prepping. 

Tonight was our breastfeeding class and it was so great. I learned a tons of to do's and not to do's that I pray I will remember when the time comes. One interesting fact I learned was that less than 1% of women aren't able to breastfeed due to milk supply issues, which means that with proper technique and education of the process, 99% of women should be able to. This news was exciting. With the correct knowledge and support system, I'll be able to do this perfect and great thing for Henley!

We also got a new camera for me! My husband has a pretty elaborate camera that I cannot use. It's heavy and cumbersome and I just don't know enough about settings and cameras to get the great pictures he gets. I told him months ago that I wanted a nice camera that I can carry with me and get great snapshots of Henley without having to change a lot of settings or worry I may kill her if I drop a 10 lb camera on her. We ordered the Olympus E-PM1 and it was delivered tonight. So far it's awesome. It takes pictures immediately without delay and they come out well. We took the chalkboard picture with it (see above). My husband's camera is a better camera overall, so in comparison the picture isn't as great but for me for everyday snapshots, it should be perfect! Here it is----

Have a great rest of the week!!!

Mere :-)