::Henley:: Week 2

Happy New Year and Welcome 2013! I had such a great 2012 and I cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store for my family, friends, and I. 


We went to the doctor on 12/26/2012 and she was 7 lbs 2.5 oz which means she only gained half an ounce since the first pediatrician visit. We have another appointment on Thursday and we are hopeful she is gaining weight. She has been doing really well with breastfeeding.


Healthy as can be! 


She is still sleeping in our room, mostly in the Rock 'n Play. She doesn't like the Pack and Play at all. I am going to start trying to get her to nap in there during the day to try to get her used to it. She would much rather be held while she sleeps but can you blame her, we are cozy parents.

During the night, she is up three times (midnight, 2-3am, and 5-6am) and usually goes right back down after eating. A couple nights ago she was wide awake from 3-5 but wasn't fussy, just wanted to watch from Friends on the Tivo ;-)


Still wearing Newborn sizes only. I have been making sure to put all of her newborn outfits on her before she grows out of them. Here are some "outfits of the day" from this week.


Mom's breast milk She's still doing pretty well with the feeding. Her latch has been a little wonky the last 2 days but was back to normal this morning so hopefully she was in a little funk and it's over. She has spit up a lot of milk twice, both times she didn't really seem hungry but I still had her eat since 2-3 hours had passed by. I think I am going to let her show me when she wants to eat rather than force her based on time.

Baby Gear Love

Still loving the Rock and Play as it's really the only thing she sleeps in.


She is a very good baby, only crying when something is wrong. We are learning what her different cries mean and are able to fix them most of the time.


This week was much more mellow than last week but we still had some great visitors. Grandma Fletcher came to visit a few times and Henley got to spend some time with her before she left for Virginia yesterday. Grandma Reynolds stopped by a few times as well.

We took her to Babies r' Us and Bass Pro Shops to pick up a few items. I ran inside while Dad stayed in the car with her, then I stayed in the car while Dad went to Bass Pro Shops. (Being flu season we haven't taken her out in public just yet but it was nice for us to get out).

Yesterday we put her in the stroller and did two laps around the condo. It was a really nice day. There are many more walks in her near future, especially considering this great weather.


Mom is feeling much better, almost totally healed. I weighed myself this week and I am only up 9 lbs compared to my pre-pregnancy weight. I haven't attempted to put any pre-pregnancy clothing on just yet, I don't want to get discouraged before I even get started trying to get back into shape.


This week Henley really started to focus on us with her eyes and she is keeping her eyes open a lot more frequently. She also lost her umbilical cord. We are still doing sponge baths but hopefully this week she will get her first real bath.

I hope you all have a great week and a great New Year's Day!

Mere :-)