::Fluff:: Cloth Diapering...Thus Far

Well we are almost three weeks in as new parents and things are actually going pretty well (I'm a little scared to type that as I feel I may jinx something). I really wanted to cloth diaper from the beginning and since we have been home, we have stuck with it and I have to say----I am in love! (check out this pic of her in her red Lil' Joeys!)

First up, our stash: I purchased a few different brands for the newborn size but I didn't purchase a ton as I wasn't sure if she would fit in them long or if I would even like the brands I purchased. Initially, our stash consisted of:

1 Grovia
1 gDiaper Tiny Pants
3 Swaddlebees
4 Lil' Joeys
2 BumGenius Newborn

About a week into cloth diapering Henley, we had learned which ones we loved and which we hated. The Grovia worked once or twice but then started leaking every time. We haven't used that one since. The gDipaer is ok, it doesn't leak or anything but it's usually one of the last ones I grab. We were doing laundry every day with this stash, especially since the BumGenius doesn't have a cutout for the umbilical cord so we couldn't even use that one until recently. With our stash only consisting of 8 useable diapers, we decided we needed a few more.  We loved the Lil' Joeys and the Swaddlebees so I ordered two more of each bringing our total to 14 now since she has lost her umbilical cord and can use the BumGenius. Here is our current working cloth diaper stash for the newborn stage (missing a few that are dirty or that she is currently wearing).

Other things we are really loving are:

We use both of these to put under her when we change her. Her new thing lately is to pee right when I take the diaper off of her. Using these under her keeps up from changing the changing pad cover over and over again.

Henley hates when the wipes are cold and it really wakes her up which isn't good for middle of the night diaper changes. We soak the wipes in the homemade wipe solution that I made here and it works great. 

Lastly here are the products that we have needed next to the changing table:

California Baby Diaper Cream: her little bum has had a little red spot on it and this cream cleared it up really quickly. Only downfall is that despite this cream being "cloth diaper friendly", it clogged our diapers and was causing repelling (no absorbency and therefore leaks!). We had to strip the diapers yesterday and now they are back working great---lesson learned. 

Coconut Oil: We are now using this to prevent any rashes before they get there.

Alcohol and Q-Tips: To clean her umbilical cord before it fell off.

Hand sanitizer: It's important to clean my hands after poopy diapers but it's really inconvenient to get to the sink without really disturbing her so I have been using this organic hand sanitizer while standing next to her and it works great.

With all of this, we are currently going about a day and a half between laundry washings. It's actually not too bad. Our wash routine is to throw all of the dirty diapers and wipes into the washer and fill with cold water. We let them soak for 20-30 minutes in the cold water. We run a rinse cycle to clean out all of the cold water. We then add two scoops of Rocking Green Laundry Detergent and wash with hot water. All of the diapers and wipes get two cycles in the dryer and then are ready to go.

Overall, this process has been really great and I love it. With the help of my hubs, we really haven't noticed it being too much more work and I think it's so much better for her in so many ways. We don't wear scratchy paper and plastic underwear so why should she?! The diapers are cute and functional and work really well. 

Any of you cloth diaper? Any questions or comments about our process? Any other tips to add??

Hope your Sunday is going great!! 

Mere :-)