::Family:: Easter Portraits

Last week when I was picking up Henley from day care they asked us to bring in a family photo for their wall. They have all of the family pictures on one wall for the little ones to look at in one of their play sections. It was then that I realized that we hadn't taken any pictures of the three of us. Since my hubs has a nice camera, we took to the park and downtown area after Easter service yesterday.

My sister was with us so hubs adjusted the settings on the camera and my sister went to town!

Thanks to my sister for helping out. We finally have some good family pictures to frame and to send to day care!

Hope you all had a great Easter!!

Quick update on 30 Day Shred---Day 3 complete! I was able to get a few more push-ups out and I completed the whole first section of arm raises and all but two in the second section (arm raises with weights are the hardest for me!) I'm getting excited about finishing and completing this!

Have a great week!

Mere :-)