::Get Fit:: 30 Day Shred Day 2

I did it again! Yay---I feel great. I did day two tonight after the baby went to sleep. I felt like I had a little more endurance tonight than I had last night. I was able to do a few more push-ups than I did last night and I got through a few more of the shoulder raises.

I feel hopeful that I am able to do this workout after Henley is sleeping. I started it at 9:15 and it only took 30 minutes. This looks promising!! Praying for commitment, motivation, and endurance through this.

Today was such a busy day---breakfast at First Watch Cafe with hubs and Henley, visited my mom at her church for an Easter Egg Hunt, First Birthday party for a friend's little one, church for Easter service, and then family pictures in the park. Henley was so well behaved---I feel so lucky to have such a good, patient baby.

Family Easter pictures to be posted soon.

Gotta go get ready, I think the Easter bunny is coming tonight!

Happy Easter!

Mere :-)