::Our Nest:: Signed, Sealed, & Not Yet Delivered

Ted and I always knew we wanted a house eventually but graduating in 2006 in the worst real estate market in the country really limited our options. We have rented for the last seven years in a place that we really have loved (for the most part---not considering the ridiculous condo association rules or trekking 22 flights of stairs due to a fire alarm) but it's time to move on. Our current lease expires in September and we have been recently looking at existing home sales locally trying to decide the location we liked the best and the size and age of homes that we could comfortably afford.

About a week ago, Ted discovered some newer communities that are being built out with new homes----long story short---we signed the contract on a new home today and we couldn't be more excited! Details--on Tuesday, Henley and I met Ted for lunch and took a drive through one of the communities. There are a bunch of vacant lots with quite a few new homes being built. We stopped by the model home to speak to a salesman and saw that this area is perfect for what we are looking for. The houses have all kinds of great amenities included (granite countertops, paver driveways, stone facade, blinds, and crown molding) and are at prices that are far better than existing home we have seen. 

On Thursday we sent in for pre-approval and after much discussing and debating we decided to take the plunge and we signed the papers for construction today! The home should be finished in late August which is perfect for our lease timing.

Here is the home we decided on:

I have already been a pinning fool with home decorating and furnishing ideas. I can't wait to have a place of our own---somewhere Henley can run around outside, a place where cute little trick-or-treaters come and visit, a place for Fitz to run and exercise, and a place to call our own.

I'm excited to share with you all our journey of becoming homeowners---let's all hope and pray these next five months flies by!!

Mere :-)