::Henley:: Diaper Talk

More diaper talk here today. As you know, Henley has been in cloth since day one---well at least she was. When we were looking for a day care provider, there were none in our area that allowed cloth diapering. At first I was really bummed because I was so adamant about using the cloth exclusively. After looking around and realizing that this day care was everything I was looking for (excluding the CD issue) I decided to suck it up and go with it. Having a child has taught me that we can't have it our way all of the time.

The next decision was which diaper to choose. I did not want her in a chemical-filled diaper so I set to the internet to research our options. When she was two weeks old, I had her in 7th Generation diaper for a bit due to severe diaper rash since mega strength rash creams cannot be used with the cloth. I hated them! She had a major blow out every time she wore them and they just felt cheap. After some research I came across The Honest Company. I had heard about them when I was pregnant but since I was planning on using cloth exclusively, I never really looked into it.

All of their products are 100%, non-toxic, chlorine-free, sustainable, & made with plant-based materials and they have a program where you can order the diapers as bundles and they are automatically sent to your house! (LOVE!) The company offers a trial of a few diapers and travel size of their wipes for free, then you have 7 days to cancel if you aren't planning to sign up for the monthly bundles. I ordered the trial and the diapers seemed to work great so we decided to stick with them.

The bundle cost starts at $79.99--for this price you get 6 packages of diapers and 4 packages of wipes. (The diapers have really cute designs too--bonus!!) Other items can be added on for 25% off. Since the bundle comes with 4 packs of wipes, I add on 2 pack at 25% off since she seems to use them at the same rate as the diapers. The default bundle is set to ship every month but since we don't use these at home, we altered our plan to ship every 6 weeks, you pick what works for you. We are still on our first shipment so I am watching to make sure we don't get our next shipment too soon. You are only billed when diapers are shipped.

See told you the diapers are cute!

After doing a quick price analysis, the costs were very comparable. The quality and look of the Honest diapers combined with the convenience of them being delivered to our front door definitely make it the best option for our family. Here is our cost benefit analysis we did. We used the prices of Huggies Pure and Natural at Babies r' Us. Of course there are diaper coupons out there so this doesn't consider that option. Many people buy diapers cheaper than this but for us, the convenience and the chemical-free aspect of these make this totally worth it for our family.

If any of you are planning to try out The Honest Company, please use My Honest Referral link here so I can get referral credits. Also please share if you try them, I'd love to know your thoughts. I don't know anyone in my circle that uses them so I'm curious on others thoughts.

Ok time for me to go to bed! Just so you know, Day 18 of 30 Day Shred complete today!

Have a great Hump Day!

Mere :-)