::Henley:: Month 4

It's that time again---another month has passed. I love every day that passes as we can see her changing and growing right before our eyes. Having a child is really the best thing ever, it's truly awesome!


I'm guessing she is about 15 lbs now but I have no idea anymore. She is definitely growing but she doesn't seem like she is significantly bigger. She goes to the doctor on Monday so I'll keep you posted. I am so curious to see.


She has been congested quite a bit on and off since starting day care but that hasn't changed her mood one bit. She's still as happy and smiley as ever. 

She seems to be getting a little bit of cradle cap in the last day or so. I've read that using olive oil and a baby brush can get rid of it. We were out of olive oil so I tried it with coconut oil. It definitely got some of it off but I felt like my "scrubbing" was getting rid of the last few strands of hair that she has left on top (she's been losing a little of it).

Other than those two things, healthy as can be!


Sleep has been ever evolving lately. She has been really great with the night time routine overall and is usually asleep at 8 and up for her first feeding somewhere between 2 and 3, then awake again around 5 or 6 when I get up for the day. We of course have off days but they really aren't bad at all. Last night she broke free of the swaddle and woke up at 1, we just put her in bed with us and she slept until 6:30 (thank God she woke up squawking because I slept through the alarm).

We put her in the Pack n Play about three weeks ago and she did great. She slept similar hours as she did in the Rock n Play. There were a few times she was a little rumbly but I just reached over and placed my hand on her belly and she quieted down. Then she got another wave of being congested and needed the incline of the Rock n Play. Since then she has been in the RnP but I'm planning to try the PnP again soon.

I've toyed with the idea of the crib in her room but honestly, it seems so far from us and I'm just not ready for that step. Tonight I tried to swaddling her with one arm out since she's really been sucking on her fingers so we will see how that goes.


She is in 3-6 month clothing very comfortably! This is actually exciting to me because I have been stocking up on the cutest clothing and outfits in this size, preparing for summer. She's only been in these for about a week so we are still enjoying the new-ness of all of the outfits. I told Ted I wish I got a whole new wardrobe every 3 months, he didn't agree that it would be awesome lol. 

We have also bumped up a size in the cloth diapers. We are in Medium gDiapers and Swaddlebees. These are her main diapers in her stash now and since they are so much bigger there was no way the 0-3 clothing would fit over them. She can still wear the extra small Charlie Bananas but she has outgrown the absorbency of these. I usually put these on her if I know I'll be home and can change her in an hour or so.


Mama’s milk. I feel really blessed that I have had success producing enough milk for her. Now that I've been back to work for over a month, I have established a pretty good pumping routine. She is drinking about 16 oz a day at day care and I am pumping between 14-18 oz while at work. If I pump a little less, I add a pump before bed to make up the last few oz. I typically give her the milk I pumped the day before. On Friday I freeze the milk and on Monday I thaw the oldest frozen milk in my stash. This system seems to be working pretty well so far although some days I feel like I am on the pump more than I'm not.

Baby Gear Love

With all of the congestion she's had I was pretty frustrated with the bulb syringes that we have. I've heard many great things about the NoseFrida Snot Sucker but I was so gross out by the idea that I totally dismissed it. She was so congested and I felt so helpless that I went on Amazon and started reading reviews---after seeing 1,300 positive, raving reviews I took the plunge and ordered it. Now that I have been using it I have one word---AMAZING! It is so great and it clears her up perfectly! I highly recommend it to anyone with a congested little one.

She's been really into chewing on things lately and has been really liking this little teether we got from Target and also Sophie the Giraffe. She's been chewing her hands and fingers every chance she gets so these toys have been great. She also really loves her little Taggies Blanket. She chews on this too and it's so cute to see her pull it over her face, adorable!

We still aren't really using the Baby Einstein Activity Center but hopefully soon, it looks so fun!


She isn't a cryer at all. She gets a little pout lip here and there but she really doesn't cry much. She has started learning when she wants something and has been using her newly found voice to express these feelings. This week she has started fussing and arching her back when I put her is her car seat but usually gets distracted once I make funny faces at her---hopefully this doesn't get worse.


We have been SO social lately! Let's see:

Aunt Allie came and shared her favorite book with Henley, The Lorax

Hung out with Grandma and cousin Alaina---she loves her cousin "Henny" (so cute!)

Aunt Tara came to visit

Hated visiting the Easter Bunny but...

loved the bunny he brought her!

Took walks with Mom, Dad, and Fitzy to enjoy the beautiful weather

We went to her first birthday party for her friend Ronan followed by a party for Ella the next week.

First visit to the beach and...

...the pool! She loved both!

She was cracking up last night when my Dad and Toni came over to cook for us and visit.

She's a lucky lady to have so many people that love her!


Mama has been feeling great. I have been working out using Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, currently on Day 20 (Hoping to squeeze it in after this blog post so I can move on to Level 3). Other than that just feeling great overall. Still get a little bummed about my body here and there but I feel better working out.


Overall she is more responsive and loves to giggle and talk to us. My mom got this great video of her chatting while playing on the floor. It is probably my most favorite video to date.

She seems like she is more than capable of rolling over, just not interested. She holds her head up really well.

And she is definitely my child, she loves watching TV. This was too hilarious not to photograph.

Overall she is so smiley and giggly and just loves hanging out with us. Every day we find little things she is doing that she's never done before--this week she has started grabbing her toes. It's so adorable!

One thing I know for sure is how lucky I am. I thank God for her every single day. Hope you all are doing well----almost Friday!!!

Mere :-)