::Henley:: 5 Month Update!

Many of my friends that already have babies kept telling me how fun it gets when the babies hit 4 months old and I couldn't agree more. This month has been full of milestones, laughs, giggles, smiles, and overall change. She sees us from across the room. She squawks and chats all of the time. She is so fun and it gets better and better each day! I can't wait to see what Month 5 has in store for us!


We went to the doctor's office for her 4 month appointment and she weighed 14 lbs 14 ozs. I have no idea what she weighs now but I'm guessing at least 15 lbs. Carrying her in the infant car seat is getting heavy! I actually ordered a convertible car seat today so we don't have to keep taking the car seat into day care (the hubs drops off and I pick up). I'm looking forward to not having to lug that thing around anymore.


She's really had a great month overall. She got her 4 month shots last month and both mom and baby did better than we did for her two month shots. She is in the 60th and 75th percentiles for weight and height respectively. The doctor said everything looks great with her and she's right on schedule.

She's been getting congested at night pretty regularly since about 1-2 months old. She sounds fine during the day and I've read that this is just how some babies are. It really doesn't seem to bother her and she's still in a great mood so mama's learned to deal with it.


This has been an exciting month for sleep. She has gone from her Rock n Play, to the Pack n Play, and finally to the crib. We started with putting her in the Pack n Play and she would last about 4-5 hours in there but after that, she wasn't interested. We tried swaddled, unswaddled, and only one arm swaddled but after her first stretch of sleep, she was done with the PnP and would end up in our bed.

About two weeks ago, my mom was visiting on a Saturday to hang out. When it was time for Henley to go down for a nap, we put her in the crib. We had been doing this for a few weeks but it just seemed like she loved it. She went down and slept for an hour in the crib. She would rumble and start to wake up and then put herself back to sleep. The next day, we did another nap in the crib and she slept for two hours in the crib. After that I started thinking it is time for the crib at night.

We weren't quite ready for her to be so far away and we have a guest bed in our nursery so we thought we would all try the crib out on that Sunday night. Trying the crib for the first time on a week night probably wasn't the best idea but it turned out great! Ted and I slept in the bed in her room, Fitz was totally perturbed (he hates change), and Henley slept from 7:30-6:30! She did this again the second and third nights! On the fourth night she got up at 4 and I nursed and put her back down. We didn't swaddle her since she was napping without the swaddle and now that she can roll, it's perfect. 

A typical night is Henley is in the crib at 7:30 unswaddled and she rolls on her side. Around midnight she rumbles and turns on her belly for the rest of the night. For the most part she is sleeping 10-11 hours straight although we've had a few nights of her waking at 2 or 4. Those nights I try to soothe her and if she doesn't fall back asleep, I nurse her and lay her back down. 

I have really been shocked how well this has been overall. While she was still sleeping in the RnP, she would stretch forever in the mornings, now that she's in the crib there is very little stretching. I really think this means that she was ready for the crib and had outgrown the RnP.

This has been even further confirmation of our parenting style---we really try to listen to her and follow her cues and so far it has proven to be successful for us. I know it may not work for every family but it's working for us.


She is wearing 3-6 month clothes for the most part. She has tons of cute clothing that I have been buying from BabyGap, Old Navy, and Carters. Now that we aren't swaddling, she is wearing footy pj's (I die of cuteness) and the 6 month size of those is getting a little snug. I think it may be time to bump up the size in those. 

The larger size of cloth diapers are working out great!! We have had zero blow outs (which we can't say the same for the disposables at day care). She is wearing gDiapers in a Medium, Swaddlebees in a Medium, and Charlie Bananas in a Small. We have been loading the Charlie Bananas with two liners for night time and they have been perfect! No leaks and her skin is dry in the morning.


Only mama's milk still. Breastfeeding is still going great although now that she is more aware of her surroundings, it's a little more challenging. I find her looking around and pulling on my boob as she looks wherever noise is coming from.

The doctor told us to wait until six months for solids and we are going to try to stick with those recommendations. She is watching us eat but I think that is just mainly because she is checking everything out.

Baby Gear Love

This month has really been the start of her getting to play with her bigger toys.

The Baby Einstein Activity Saucer is one of her favorite things. She will sit in there and play with everything. She has started even hitting the buttons to get it to sing.

We are finally using the Moby Go Carrier instead of the Bjorn. This supports her body better, instead of her dangling from her crotch, her whole body is supported.

When we moved her to her room, one thing we noticed was that all of her soothers were on timers. In our room, we had an iHome alarm clock that played the white noise constantly but in her room, once the soothers stopped, she would wake up. We researched on Amazon and got her the Munchkin Nursery Projector ---This is so great! It has continuous play, has a nightlight and a projector. For $24.99 there is no better deal!

Some of the other toys that she really has been drawn to are the Taggies blanket and this toy from Target.


Same on this---she only cries when she is hungry or tired which I know is amazing. We are blessed!


Lots of exciting stuff going on in the world of Henley! She has really been great to go out with and it's great to get into a new normal with her.

On Saturday, April 20th Henley participated in the breaking of the Guinness Book of World Record for the most cloth diapers changed at one time. There was an expo in town that had vendors from various local green businesses, a cloth diaper swap, and bunch of activities for children and families. During this was the Great Cloth Diaper Change. Since it was a Guinness Record, there were certain rules to follow in order for it to count (apparently these were being held all over the country at the exact same time). At 11:00am, all of the moms and babies were on stage, they blew a whistle and a-changing we went. Afterwards we all held the babies up for a picture. My cousin happened to be there too so Henley and Brooklyn (who are two weeks apart) participated together.
On stage getting ready for the change
Holding our clean cloth diapers up before the change
All Done!!
We went to my mom's pool and hung out.

Henley had her first "school" pictures. Mama made sure to put her in the most adorable outfit we could find---complete with pink glitter shoes!

On Mother's Day, I got to go to Henley's school for muffins with mom. It was so great having a break in my day to see her plus I got a cute keepsake that I have hanging in my office.

On Mother's Day weekend Henley got dedicated at church.

We went to the beach for Mother's Day. Henley was great. She played on her belly for a while, fell asleep for an hour, and then played a little more.

We went on our first run with Henley in the BoB. She was out about one mile in. It was great to get out there and run.


This mama is going bald! My biggest complaint at the moment is mega hair loss. I swear I have bald spots and a receding hair line. It's out of control. I have heard this slows down at around six months postpartum, I can't wait!!

I have been using Goodbye Stretch Marks from Mama Mio for about four months now and they are almost gone! It's so great. I recommend this to anyone!

This week I weighed myself and I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight (yay). I still have a lot of toning to do but back to this weight is a start :-)


This month she has been crazy with milestones.

First one was that Henley rolled from back to belly.

Once she learned to roll it would take about 15 seconds before she was onto her belly. It took her about three weeks but yesterday she finally rolled from belly to her back. 

About two weeks ago she started sitting up. She folds forward but she is definitely getting control of sitting. I love this picture, I think it's because I can see her neck. I don't get to see it very often with all of that chunk around!

Like I said, this month has been more than great! I cannot wait for things to come.

A little photo shoot with mama :-)

As you can see these posts are massive! I feel like weekly updates are too frequent but these are so pack with info and photos they get a little daunting. I need to find a happy median. :-)

It's finally the weekend!!! I am battling a little cold or something so say a little prayer I feel better! Hope your weekend is awesome!

Mere :-)