::Henley:: My First Mother's Day & Henley's Dedication

My first Mother's Day weekend was amazing! The fun really started on Friday. I had such a busy week at work that I could not wait to get Henley from daycare on Friday. I picked her up and we ran some errands looking for Mother's Day gifts for all of the special ladies in our lives. I hate carrying her around in the car seat because it's so heavy. Well I didn't have the stroller so I just carried her on my hip---it's so great that she is getting sturdy enough to comfortably be carried like that. Everything went great except a little projectile vomiting in Hallmark (at least she missed the cards)

 We ended up making these pictures for Henley's Grandmas and Nana. I picked up these signs at Hallmark and plan to keep them for future years.

I put these in frames with three picture holes. I think they came out great and I wish I was a grandma so I could put these up in my house :-)

On Saturday, we dedicated Henley at church. This service is similar to a baby baptism but instead of Henley getting baptized, this service is the parents and the church commit to raising the babies in accordance to God's word. The little dedication was great and all of our family came out. It's really special seeing how loved Henley is. She has so many people who are loving her and ready to be there for her however she needs. These are so pictures of her with our families:

It was really a great day!! On Sunday we went to the beach and relaxed! Henley loved the beach and actually took a nap for an hour. It was great feeling a little bit of normalcy and just laying out. I hope this is the first of many beach trips to come. 

My husband did an awesome job of making me feel special for Mother's Day. While being a mom is hard and challenging, the rewards are tenfold and one thing I know for sure is that I could not do all that I do for Henley without my husband. Thank you for everything babe! We are quite the team! :-)

I hope all of my new mama friends had a great Mother's Day too. Now if only Mother's Day wasn't followed by work! I had a hard time leaving Hens this morning and I couldn't wait to get her afterwards. She's such a little blessing and I love her so! Hoping this week flies by!

Mere :-)