::Henley:: Happy Half Birthday!

We are half of a year old!


Little Miss had to go to the doctor yesterday due to a little cold (see below) so we actually have up-to-date info on the weight. She weighs 17 lbs 2.5 oz which is in the 75th percentile.


Since Henley was about 4 weeks old she has had one week a month where she is congested. It’s not a cold and never really develops into anything…up until this month. On Thursday night we put her to bed around 7 like normal and went about our normal business. Right when we were going to bed around 10:30 I heard this strange noise coming from the monitor. I went into her room and she was totally congested, to the point where she no longer could breath out of her nose. It was crazy! I couldn't believe how fast it came on, especially since I had checked on her 30 minutes prior and heard nothing.
At the doctor---she loved the mirror

Poor baby doesn't feel well!
 On Sunday, we were eating lunch at Tijuana Flats and we were giving her some of her foods and she was coughing here and there. I was starting to think something was stuck but it continued and got worse throughout the day. Yesterday she was still coughing pretty bad and was actually crying a little every time she would cough so I took her to the doctor. He said her chest and lungs sound fine and it’s probably just a cold that needs to run its course. (boo!) He also was kind enough to let me know that I should expect to get sick within a week or so. :-\


I think Henley saw what sleeping through the night felt like and decided it wasn't for her---I think she misses me :-)
How did you get in my bed Silly!

She is still going to bed at 7ish like always but now she gets up typically about once a night. She has been really good about putting herself to sleep when she needs. Sometimes she nurses to sleep and other times she is wide awake when I lay her down. If I lay her down and she doesn’t fall asleep within 15 minutes or so, I usually walk back in there and give her a little rub on the back or whatever and that seems to settle her down.

She was getting up at 2 most of the time, sometimes earlier and sometimes later. In the last week however she has started going until about 4-4:30. Honestly it’s not that bad and I am able to go right back down so if she wants to see me, nurse, and get extra kisses---I’m totally ok with it.


She’s slowly working her way into the 6-9 month clothing. I have everything washed and I am slowly noticing more and more 3-6 clothing is too short for her. She’s totally in 9 month PJ’s, those in the 3-6 month range were the first to go.

She is still wearing the same cloth diapers but I am noticing the Small Charlie Bananas are a little too small. We have a few one size diapers that she is now able to wear, I typically am not a fan of the bulk of the one sized.


This month we finally started solid food---yay! Daycare told us about two weeks ago that Henley has a friend at daycare that is an older baby and she tries to steal her Cheerios. This coupled with her ability to sit up on her own led us to believe she was ready. See my post here for the foods she's been eating. She had pears for breakfast and carrots for dinner tonight and she loved it!

Baby Gear Love

We are finally loving Sophie the Giraffe Teether. She's had this since day one but never really got the hang of chewing on it until recently. She also loves this rasberry teether and this Baby Einstein teether. We are able to see little nubs just under the surface but no teeth just yet.

We also got her the Jenny Jump Up which she LOVES. She gets in it and spins around and jumps. It's adorable. We get the most smiles when she's in there.

Since we started solid foods we have really been using our Graco Space Saver High Chair. It's really easy to get her into and she doesn't seem to mind. It cleans up pretty easily which says a lot being it can't get pretty messy!
We love avocados!


My little smarty pants is learning what crying means and is using it to her advantage. She has started crying and fussing when we leave the room sometimes. It's really cute that she wants us to stay, I just hope it's not starting a pattern. Once she sees us or hears our voice she is totally fine. 

This week with her cold she has been a little more fussy and crying than normal. Hoping she feels better soon!


On Memorial Day we went to the beach with some friends of ours and their little one Ronan, my sister, and some of her friends. Henley rocked the red, white, and blue.

 After a long day at the beach, just relaxing...

We celebrated Dad's 30th Birthday! She even signed his cookie cake!

Then Henley stayed with Aunt Allie while Mom and Dad had a little alone time!

Last week on Monday Henley had water day at school. She has one of these days every other week. The ladies at Daycare said she loved it!

On Friday Henley had a visitor for Father's Day. She made Dad a tie and they had rootbeer and corndogs for lunch. This picture seriously made me melt at work, I even cried. I love what a great Dad he is!

Happy Father's Day!

Snuggled with Dad a lot on the couch

Five Guys with Mom and Dad


I feel like I am almost normal! Yay! My hair is no longer falling out, most of my stretch marks are gone, all of my postpartum aches and pains are better---finally! It took six months but I am feeling great. Now it's time to get my crap together and work out! I'm so disappointed that I haven't really been on top of it. I just need to bite the bullet and do it, I will feel so much better about myself if I do!


We are sitting up unassisted.

We are playing and starting to use a sippy cup. 

We are eating solids.

We are up on all fours.

...and scooting around everywhere (time to baby proof the house!)

We started using a high chair out at restaurants too!

This month has been extraordinary. Each month gets better and better. I cannot wait to see what month six has in store. 

Happy Half Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

Have a great week!

Mere :-)