::Henley:: Day Care Must Haves

As I was getting everything ready for tomorrow I was thinking that we definitely have this working mom/daycare routine down pat so I thought I'd share what we do. Little Miss has been in daycare for almost three months now and there are some must-have's and tips & tricks that I have come to love that I thought I would put together a post to share!

Every night after Henley goes to bed, I get everything ready for her for the morning. First thing I do is lay out her clothes, diaper, and D drops for Dad. I leave everything he will need in the morning on the changing table (leave no outfit choices for Dad---there is no telling what fashion faux-pas he will make) {love you honey}

Outfit, Bib, Socks, Diaper, D Drops
[Note: on the outfit, we make sure to send pants or Baby Legs now due to carpet burn on the knees!]

After that I get the bottles ready and pack the diaper bag. Most day care providers ask you to label everything you send. I hate labeling her clothing so my compromise is to pack every outfit in a ziploc bag, this also ensure the outfits I put together are what she wears and also provides a bag for them to put any stinky or dirty outfits. 

Every 1-2 weeks I send a pack of diapers and wipes (see my post here about Honest diapers)

Another thing I have LOVED for daycare has been Orbitz bottle labels from Inchbug. For the first few weeks I was labeling her bottles and lids with permanent marker but it came off every night. It doesn't seem like a huge deal but labeling everything each night gets old. I saw these online and I love them! I also got these labels for the lids from Namebubbles. They are stickers that are dishwasher safe. I have it on her lids, the tags on her blankets, sheets, bibs and they have show zero wear. I also recently started putting them on her bowls that I send for her solids now. 

These things are working great for us. Any favorite things you have discovered that work well for you guys?! Please share!!

As much as I love her day care, I'm glad I get my Little Miss all to myself for the weekend!!

Happy Weekend All!

Mere :-)