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Every since I found out I was pregnant I have been very thorough in preparing for each stage in both my pregnancy and in Henley's growth. The next big stage that I have known was around the corner was starting solids. Everything I read said to start at six months and not any sooner. I totally planned on sticking to that but as most plans do, they went right out of the window.

Henley has expressed serious interest in food and is sitting up like a big girl so I decided to try oatmeal last weekend. I found a recipe, took my oatmeal and ground it in the food processor and went to town. I was so excited to give it to her. I got her all strapped in the seat, got the cute little bowl and spoon all ready and nada. She hated it. She was cringing and gagging and overall not a fan! Bummer!

The next day I decided to buy some organic pureed pears to see how she would do (I was curious if it was a texture thing versus a solid food issue). Turns out that is the case! She absolutely loved the pears. She couldn't get enough!

I tried the oatmeal again and got the same reaction so I think it's definitely a texture thing. Since trying the pears, we have tried avocado, squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. She has loved everything. She loves feeding herself--I think she's going to be Miss Independent (taking after mama!) Here are some pictures we have been able to capture over the last few days of meal times!

The avocado ones are hilarious---I love how gross they look :-)

Before we started solids I had read and researched a lot about Baby Led Weaning. For those who aren't aware of this method of feeding your baby, it's based on the thought that babies feed themselves whatever you are eating. (i.e. No feeding pureed food, just give them whole pieces). I read the book and was very gung-ho about it. Before we even tried the oatmeal, I tried giving Henley a banana a few times. She hated it. She bit a few chunks off, gagged and had some chills. 

Bananas became play time

The book warns that gagging is totally normal and it isn't choking but it is nerve-wracking. 

After seeing how much she loves the pureed food, I'm starting to wonder if the whole solids are just not for her at this time. I love the thoughts that the book promotes (baby should feed themselves at their own pace, no rushed meal time, baby eats at the table with the family). I also thought the book had a tons of great tips and thoughts that I otherwise would not have considered. I am going to try the large pieces of solids again sometime soon but for now, probably just stick to the purees.

Have any of you tried BLW, what was your experience? 

I love feeding her solids but we are definitely taking it slow. At this age she should still be getting over 90% of her nutrition from milk and I'd like that to continue. I always nurse her before feeding the solids and she is still drinking the same amount of milk at day care. As often as I can, I have been making the purees myself using my Beaba BabyCook. Some other things that I have been loving in this process are my Munchkin Suction Bowls with storage lids, Beaba travel baby fork and spoon, and oxo Food Container for when I need to freeze the extra.

It's crazy to think Henley is already to a point where solids will become everyday activities, she's getting so big!

Sorry I've been so MIA lately---life has been crazy, usually in a good way. I haven't wanted to miss one second with my Little Miss but I have a few topics to blog coming up soon.

Tomorrow is Friday folks----one.more.day!

Mere :-)