::Henley:: Sleep Training Day 2

Day two was much less eventful.She fell asleep in the car during her usual afternoon nap yesterday and only slept 20 minutes. By the time 6:30 rolled around she was exhausted. We kept her awake until 7:15 or so and I went in her room to nurse her. She was falling in and out of sleep while nursing and I tried to keep her awake as best as I could.

About 10 minutes later she finished nursing and I laid her in the crib. She wasn't totally asleep but definitely getting there. She didn't make one peep! She slept until 12:45, I got up and nursed her and she went right back down. There was 1-2 cries at this time and again at 5 when she woke. She woke up for the day at 7:30.

She has been in a great mood these last two days, it's so good to see her well and healthy and back to her old self!

She is napping now before we head out for a day of romping, shopping, and lunch. She will be totally exhausted by the time that's over. :-)

Happy Sunday all!!

Mere :-)