::Henley:: 8 is Great!

Last we heard she was 18 lbs, that was about 2 weeks ago at the doctor's. I read somewhere that they grow about a half of a pound a month for the next couple months. I measured her the other day standing and she was around 26", still 3" to go before we grow out of her infant car seat. (yay!)


If you read my blog regularly you know that we have had a rough bout of sickness lately around this house. For the last week or so we seem to be back to normal overall. Henley has a little congestion going on but that is typical about once a month.


When Henley was sick over the last few weeks her sleep patterns got very wonky. I mentioned last week that we started trying the Interval Method of Crying it Out. We started on a Friday since we wouldn't have to work the next day in case it was a total disaster. She cried for 30 minutes the first night. The first four days went great! We read that after a few days of CIO they can have a setback and you kind of have to start over. This was night 5 for us. Since then it's been a little rocky. She is falling asleep but it's just taking a little longer to get her there and she is crying a little longer. 


She's still wearing 6 months onesies but they seem to be getting pretty tight on the length. Her 9 month PJ's are about stretched to the max, I just ordered some 12 month PJ's that should be here soon. Most of her other clothing is 9 months and fitting great. I did just wash her 12 month clothing because I'm learning that some brands run small and I have missed out on a couple really cute outfits because of this!


Mama's Milk: I can't believe we have made it 8 months breastfeeding. This month we had my first issues with supply. I think all of the sickness and being dehydrated affected my supply. I took fenugreek for about 5 days (totally smelled like maple syrup too-ugh) and with that and extra pumping sessions I am finally back to normal!

Solids: Henley has tried a ton of different foods. In the last 2-3 days it seems like she wants to feed herself. I think she has a independent personality and I am starting to see that. We are going to try giving her food to feed herself and see if that works better. She still loves apples and sweet potatoes but also is a fan of squash, pears, pastini, and carrots. She also loves the baby cereal puffs and it's so adorable seeing her pick them up and put them in her mouth.

Baby Gear Love

When Henley was home sick with Grandma Patricia, Daddy bought her this Music Table activity center. She loves it! She doesn't like to play sitting very often anymore so this is perfect. She opens and closes the little laptop over and over again. It's seriously adorable!

Henley has really been loving this Sit to Stand Walker. It's seriously adorable to see her playing on it and climbing on it. She's recently started trying to walk behind it!!

When we were out of town we went to a craft fair and there was a seller with these little chairs. I fell in love and for $25 I couldn't pass it up. She loves it and it is so adorable!


Separation anxiety is in full force. She is starting to get very sad when we leave the room which makes me feel so bad! She is so funny with the crying sometimes, she will be crying and fussing but then smiling, it's pretty funny. She is crying more than she was but still not a lot at all---mostly when she's feeling left out.


We have had a pretty exciting month. We took our first trip overnight with Henley. We went to a friend's lake house in Lake Placid. Henley even took her first boat trip.
Slept the whole car ride there

Love this picture!! Getting ready to go on the boat

Watching Daddy wake board

We went to the park a few times and Henley loves the swing. It's super adorable to see how big she smiles while on it!


Since getting over the virus and cold I have felt great. I've started consistently taking vitamins and this week I have felt like I'm getting my groove back. Hoping to keep that up and get healthy for good!




Full Blow Crawling (Fast!) 

Feeding Herself


This month has really been great. I cannot believe that she will be a year old in four months. It's totally insane! Hopefully her 9 Month post will be in our new house!

Happy Sunday all!

Mere :-)