::Life:: 2014 Updates

April 15th---tax date. (I'm a CPA but not in tax so this date really means little to me)...point is that it's April 15th, 2014 and this is the first real post of the year! Where has this year gone. Henley is almost 16 months old and is a sassy, funny little toddler. The baby is gone! ::insert big mama tears here::  She is so fun and seriously the best ever. Each day gets better and better. I want to attempt to get back on par with this as I really enjoy looking back on things that happened.

So time for some updates!!!

Henley -

  • Almost 16 months old
  • Walking, Talking, Running
  • Loves being outside all.day.long
  • Loves painting and coloring (creative like mama)
  • Left-handed
  • Eats a ton!
  • Loves fruit, has 2nd's and 3rd's of fruits with almost every meal
  • Tries lots of new food (fish, hummus, queso dip)
  • Says tons of words: mama, dada, dog, bubble, bird, butterfly, banana, dirty, Ella, bath, out, down, bad, no no, not nice, ma, shoes, fish, Minnie/Mickey Mouse (that's all I got for now)
  • Loves watching Bubble Guppies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Reads lots of books, especially if there are animals
  • Makes all kinds of animal sounds (elephant is my favorite!)

Life -
  • My Etsy shop is growing more and more every day, I still am hanging on to a hope that I can do this full-time somewhere in the near future
  • The house is great. We are totally in and just need a few more decorations on the walls. I'll post a blog post of pictures for that soon.
  • We took our first vacation as a family to Disney World last month and it was one of the best moments in my life!
  • We just started swim lessons last week with Henley. The class is 7 weeks and I can't wait to see how she does!

I can't wait to post all of the pictures of things we've done lately! Henley is so fun and between not wanting to miss out on time with her and my Etsy shop (plus my full-time job) I have been so busy. I am going to attempt to better organize my time and plan out my days so hopefully I will have some time to keep this updated. 

Have a great week!!

Mere :-)