::Henley:: 18 Months!

Seriously where has the time gone. This little maniac is growing more and more every.single.day! I'm a little late with this post but I have got to update her growth and change over the last six months. Henley turned 18 months old on June 18th. She is only six short months from being two!! When they say time flies, they aren't lying.

When Henley was smaller, I relished in every detail and loved every little thing she did. I thought I couldn't love her more----I was wrong! Now that she is mobile and chatting and interacting with us every minute, I love her even more. I love seeing her grow and change. I love seeing her personality come out and I love love love seeing how much she loves her Dada.

Ok time for the update:


We went to the doctor last week for her 18-month check up and she is 24 lbs 6 oz (52nd percentile) and 32.5 inches tall (74th percentile). She has gotten much taller in the last month or so. I am noticing all of her 18 month dresses are now showing her diaper. I still can't tell who's body type she is going to have (although Grandma says her little butt is similar to mine when I was little).


I hate typing this because inevitably, something will come up but for the last 2 months or so, we have been relatively healthy in the G Household. Mom and Dad had a horrendous stomach bug that Henley luckily avoiding----we are assuming she was the carrier though as the Day Care had a huge outbreak of the stomach bug as well.

There is a light at the end of this teething tunnel we have been on for the last 7 months. I guess I should be grateful that she didn't get any teeth for 11 months. The bottom two molars cut this last week and all we are waiting for are the 4 eye teeth, although I have heard those are the worse!

Look at all of those chompers!


Oh sleep, how I hate and love you all at the same time! Henley just doesn't like to sleep. That is the conclusion I have come up with. Girlfriend likes to be up at 5am and wakes at least once a night. She goes down during the night fine. Usually I can go in there, tell her it's "nite nite" time and she lays back down without struggle. Sometimes she asks for milk and I'll give her a few sips but most of the time, it is uneventful. 5am wakeup is a different story. I try telling her it's still "nite nite" time but she's not buying it. She will come in our bed for an hour or so but by 6:30am, she is ready to get up and get the day going. I am going to keep trying but I really think she just wakes up at 5am naturally. Ugh!


Henley is wearing mostly 18 month clothing, some 24 month. I have very little 24 month clothing so I need to start stalking some sales to get a stash. I do have a bag of clothing from a friend that I am grateful for but from now on, we are going to have to be purchasing new sizes as she grows. I do have some pretty cute outfits for her now though...


Henley eats! Girlfriend isn't afraid of food and almost always asks for more. Her report from day care almost always says (x's 2) especially for fruit. She eats a cantaloupe a week, loves watermelon and bananas. I make a black bean hummus and she loves it. She will dip her chip in the hummus, suck it off and dip again. Obviously she's not concerned about double dipping.

Baby Gear Love:

We aren't really using too much gear these days. Henley has some toys she loves but for the most part, she is obsessed with anything crafting. She loves to paint, color, and play with playdoh. She is also outside a ton and loves the pool. She is getting so brave in the pool, almost too brave. We are definitely keeping the pool gate up for a long time. She is currently taking a kickboard and jumping into the pool from the steps. I let her go under so she realizes there is no step there and she couldn't care. She's immediately back on the step, ready to jump again. Here are some pictures of her playing with her favorites.


She only cries in the mornings at 5am when I am refusing to get her out of bed. She's a really happy toddler and for that I am grateful!


Henley is super social. She plays every day with our neighbor's kids, Ayden and Asher. For a while we were always outside but due to the insane heat and rain, we end up inside some days.
Henley showing the boys who is boss!

They were inspecting/tormenting a bug they found

She took swim lessons last month and did awesome! She can go under and grab the wall and hang on to the wall and crawl to the stairs. She loves to lay back and float too!

Went to the beach a few times

Celebrated Mom and Dad's Birthdays, Mother's Day, and Father's Day!


Henley is talking up a storm. She has to say at least 50 words. At her appointment last week, the doctor said they look to make sure the babies at this age say at least six words. In that same appointment, Henley said "applesauce" which he said counted for three words and he definitely isn't concerned. Here is a video of her reading a book and making her animal sounds.

Henley is also getting really good at eating off of a spoon or fork with minimal mess.

These last 18 months have been amazing! I cannot wait to see what more is to come. I am going to try to be better about posting as I love having this to look back on. After posting this I realize there is so much I have missed posting!!

Mere :-)