::Love Mere:: Office Organization

Craft rooms---these rooms have a reputation for being messy, clutters, and overall chaotic. Mine was no exception. It's almost impossible to keep a room clean when you are making things and throw in a child and a full-time job and it's virtually impossible....until now!

My husband and I have finally got this room to be perfectly organized, I actually have a place for everything. It's so much cleaner and nicer to be in. I actually can move around without stepping on fabric and the space overall has a better vibe. I just wanted to share some pictures from the office where I spend every night after Henley goes to bed doing my second job that I love, filling orders and making things people love :-)

Hanging Ironing board saves so much space

These organization cubes are Threshold Brand from Target along with the bins---complete lifesavers!

Artwork I've made
I organized ribbons and barrettes in glass jars. The barrettes were organized by color but undoing this is one of Henley's favorite things to do
Ikea Galant Desk with my Silhouette Cameo, Sewing Machine, and Serger.

By far my favorite. Hubs built this for me and it seriously saves me so much time! I love that everything is right there for me to grab at any time. I found a pin here for a very similar board and just altered it to fit my sewing needs.


Embroidery Machine

Hubs desk, also Ikea Galant

Now I can devote all of my time making things for the cutest little ladies and gents.

Do any of you have any craft organization tips to share?? Please do!

Mere :-)