::Macie:: Three Months Old

We are three months old!!


We went to the doctor mid-May for Macie's two month check up and got an official weight. She is 12 lbs 1 oz and is 22.5" long. She looks so much longer than Henley but their stats at the two month mark are almost the exact same.


OMG I hesitate to write this but we are good!! Diaper rash - cleared. Colic - gone. We have had a solid three weeks of happy Macie. When we went to the doctor she was just starting to be great with her health. We are really unsure if it's the Zantac working or if she just grew out of it. Our doctor advised to stay on the Zantac at least another month and see what happens. She should start outweighing the dose soon so we will see if her demeanor changes with that. 


She's been about the same with sleep, which is great. She grunts a few times a night and I feed her and she's back out like a light. Typically she is up between 2-3 and up around 6 then back down until 7. This past weekend she slept 11 hours straight twice! I couldn't believe it. I am thinking she had to be growing because the next day at daycare she slept over three hours in one nap. 

During the day she need to go down after about 1.5-2 hours of awake time. It's almost on the dot she will start being fussy and then pass out, sometimes for 30 minutes and sometimes longer.


Macie is wearing 6M onesies and sleepers but still fittting into her 3M pants and tops. We are in between sizes in diapers which is causing some leaks but I think we are almost into the next size totally. 

Most of the diapers we have from Henley are cotton which do not wick the moisture away from their skin (read: diaper rash). I've been trying to stay away from them so the selection at the moment is slim.


Macie is continuing to nurse great. We are staying on the block feeding to ensure my oversupply issue is corrected. She started daycare last week and was fighting the bottle some. She took the bottle great for my mom so I was surprised she was fighting it so much.


Crying has improved so much I feel like I have zero complaints. I've learned her schedules and what her cries typically mean. I'm thrilled she is feeling better. I pray it sticks!

Baby Gear Love

We got a new seat for Macie called the Fisher Price Sit Me Up. I love this chair. It's like a new and improved Bumbo. It's fabric and can support her really well. She's got great head control and I think this chair is helping to develop that. 


May was a great month filled with an awesome Macie's First Trip to the Beach 


and Mother's Day! We went to breakfast and dinner with the girls and it was smooth sailing!

We also went to a friends house for a Memorial Day picnic.


Macie is starting to "talk" to us. She has great head control and is starting to take interest in toys and books. 


I'm feeling better than I have in a long time. The 21 Day Fix has been great and I'm actually finishing up round two this week. Here are my results from round one:

I love the program and Shakeology so much I've become a Beachbody coach!

Big Sister Love

Henley is seriously the best big sister I've ever seen. Last week driving into work I turned around and she was holding her hand! I've also caught her reading to Macie a few times too. I love these girls so much I feel my heart could explode any minute!

Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers for Macie's health-----they work!!!

(minimal pictures this post but I'll do better next month)

Mere :-)