::Macie:: Four Months Old


I have no idea. She goes to the doctor at the end of this month but I haven't weighed her lately. She is getting harder to carry in the car seat though so I know she's gained some.


Healthy!! She's so healthy and I seriously couldn't ask for more. 


For the most part Macie is waking twice during the night but a few times a week she will only wake once. She's down around 7 and sleeps until about 2-3, nurses and goes back down until 5-6. During the day she is napping after around 1.5-2 hours of awake time. We've noticed the minute she hits the 1.5-2 mark, she starts fussing and is ready to sleep. Goes down easy and wakes up happy. (seriously I don't think this is the same baby from 2 months ago).


Macie is wearing mostly 6 months clothing although some random 6 month stuff is still a tad big. 

She's wearing small Charlie Banana diapers and medium Swaddlebees. Her skin is more sensitive than Henley's was so we try not to use the Swaddlebees too often since they are made of natural fibers that don't wick moisture away.


Macie is still just eating mama's milk. She's nursing great although not near as mellow as Henley when nursing. She's sometimes fighting at the breast when she's finished versus just popping off into a milk coma.


She literally just cries when she's hungry or tired. I couldn't ask for more. Sometimes she does cry in the car but if we put on Jammy Jams she is usually easy to calm down.

Baby Gear Love

Still loving the Fisher Price Sit me up chair. We use it every day and she just hangs out. I put her on the counter when cleaning the kitchen or cooking and she sits on the dining room table with us every night eating dinner!


This month we have been out and about quite a bit. It seems like we are going to SkyZone with big sister every weekend. Macie hangs out and just takes it all in and Henley LOVES jumping. She seriously just jumps for a solid 30 minutes. 

Macie's been in the pool a ton and loves hanging out watching big sister.

We went on walks with the family too


Macie is overall just becoming much more vocal and alert. She isn't quite rolling over yet but that could mainly be because we never really put her down. Between only spening 2 hours a night with her and the chaos of Fitz and Henley in the living room I'm not totally comfortable leaving her down there for long. 


I'm really feeling great. I'm at my pre-pregnancy with Henley weight. I haven't been as disciplined as I initially was but I still am working out most days and eating clean most meals. 

I've started losing my hair this week. I lost SO MUCH hair with Henley that I got bald spots. I am praying this doesn't happen again!

Big Sister Love

Henley is the best. Here are so pics to prove it!

I love how it gets better every single day!!

Mere :-)