::Macie:: Eleven Months


No doctor visits this month (thankfully) so  I am not so sure!


We've had a month of colds and teething in this house, I think Macie and Henley both have had runny, congested noses more days this month than they haven't. I'll be glad when this winter is over. 


Due to the aforementioned colds and teething, we had a rough run on the sleep. Macie was waking multiple times before Ted and I even got to bed. Then waking during the night and not going back to sleep unless she was in our bed. Needless to say some nights all four of us were in bed together!!

Two weeks ago I decided out of sheer desperation it was time to have her cry it out. The colds and the teething had subsided a bit so I figured it was time to try it out. I fully anticipated her crying for at least an hour (she is my stubborn one after all). Friday night I was all ready and I nursed her, laid her down awake and walked out. She cried for a whopping 12 minutes!! I was ecstatic. The next night she was sleeping within 5. It's been awesome. She is going down at 6:45 waking once or twice and up for the day sometime between 6 and 7. 



Fitting in some 18 months and some 9 months still fit but for the most part she is sitting comfy at the 12 month clothing mark. 

I love this bear jacket


Macie has given me a run for my money during these last eleven months, this month has been no exception. She's gone from not taking bottles of breastmilk, not even trying formula, not nursing to nursing and taking bottles. In the last week she has dropped the afternoon bottle/nursing session, we've tried both multiple times. This weekend she decided she only wanted to nurse at night. She's been drinking cold, organic milk out of a straw cup consistently for the first time ever. I'll be glad when she's fully transitioned purely so I know what the heck she is doing!

As far as food goes, she's happy with any fruit and any carb. When she has something she likes, she EATS! Mashed potatoes last week seemed to be her favorite so far.


Here are some pictures from the month of Macie's social life lol

Playdate with Vivian

Grandma loving

Bath time is her fave!


Macie is consistently taking steps. It's been so tough to get video since she is walking between Ted and I but I feel we are close!

Big Sister Love

Henley and Macie play in here all of the time, at least once a day. It's seriously the cutest!

Have a great week!

Mere :-)