::Macie:: Ten Months Old


Last visit at the doctor Macie weighed 20 lbs. She had gained a few ounces since her nine month visit. Healthy girl.


We've had a little rough go these past few weeks, nothing major but it's felt like constant congestion, runny nose, and teething. She has four teeth on the top just waiting to break through (mama can't wait!!) Other than that, she's been pretty healthy and happy!


We've had a few ok night lately but again with the teeth we have had some rough nights. From bedtime to about 10-11 she wakes up and wants to be held or wants to nurse. I think mostly it's due to the congestion. We used ibuprofen most of the time if she was really fussy to help her settle down.


Macie has recently been wearing 12 months clothing but is still wearing most of her nine months too. The 12 month hand-me-downs from Henley are my favorites but due to this crazy heat Macie really hasn't been wearing them....it's summer weather here!!!

The matching Christmas clothing and PJ's were almost too much cuteness to bear!


Macie has been eating so many new foods---carbs seem to be her favorite. She loves pizza crust. We went out to a pizza restaurant last weekend and Macie nawed on it until she passed out. It was adorable.


A few crying fits because of the teeth but overall she just cries when she is being dramatic---its really the funniest thing. She folds in half or throws herself on the table if she's standing.

Baby Gear Love

All of our new presents have been a huge hit!!


With Christmas and New Years we've had tons of visitors and tons of fun. Here are some pictures!


We've had steps!! We've had up to five at a time. She gets so excited and ends up falling over. She's crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything. I cannot wait until she's mobile. She wants to do what Henley is doing so bad!

Big Sister Love

Mere :-)