Tis The Season To Be Grateful

I was just sitting here thinking of a topic to post tonight and then it dawned on me that it's the Eve of Thanksgiving and a Grateful post would be perfect! 

2016 has been a good year. Looking back there were lots of moments of stress or anxiety, especially considering my employer had layoffs but scattered all through those moments are things that make me smile and make me thankful for my life everyday.

First and foremost I am grateful for my family. I'm grateful for my husband who is the best life partner anyone could ask for. He is kind, loving, and thoughtful with me. He is an amazing dad and does pretty much anything for our girls. I'm grateful for Henley and Macie. They bring me so much joy and pride.

I'm grateful for my mom. I'm grateful that she is always there for my family and for my nightly calls on the way home from work. I love the relationship she's formed with the girls and they adore her. She visits weekly to spend time with them but if I need some alone time she gets it and isn't offended if I tell her it's not a good time for a visit. I love that she just gets me.

I'm grateful for the success both my husband and I have had in our professional lives. We both are striving at work. 

I'm grateful for Hello Fresh. For about nine months now, off and on, we've had to put minimal effort into grocery shopping and meal planning thanks to their weekly meals. 

I'm grateful for the opportunities we've have in 2016 to travel, specifically the Disney Cruise and our Keys vacation. The girls are more and more fun with each trip. 

I'm grateful for our health. Not all people are blessed with their own health or the health of their children and for that I am extremely grateful. 

As you sit around your Thanksgiving tables tomorrow I challenge you to think of the same. What has 2016 given you? What has made you step back and just think how blessed you are?

I wish you and yours a great Thanksgiving holiday (and if you are planning to hit the stores, a happy Black Friday as well.)

Happy Thanksgiving.