My Favorite Parts of December

It’s December 7th already!?! Wow. I have been so busy with the holidays and prepping for Christmas I feel like time is rushing by.

I love December, I love pretty much everything about Christmas and in an effort to be able to enjoy the holidays more, I started and finished Christmas shopping in November. With the shopping and agonizing over what to buy being over, I am better able to focus on the parts of the season that I love. Here is a list of my favorite things about this time of year….

Christmas Music. I know my best friend is cringing right now as she hates it but I absolutely love it all, the classics, the original songs, the remakes---bring it all on. I play it at my desk, as I am wrapping presents, or whenever I am just hanging out around the house. This year I am absolutely loving Pentatonix’s Christmas album and the Amazon playlist called “Modern Christmas Favorites”. What is your favorite song?

First is the smell of Christmas. We always get a Christmas tree and the main reason for this is the smell. This year we also got a real wreath from the tree lot as well and the smell walking up to the front door is great. In years past I would always seek out the Mistletoe scent of candle from Yankee Candle but I found this candle from Target in “Oh Christmas Tree” and it is strong but not overbearing, the perfect compliment to my tree (or for your home if you opt out of getting a real tree).

Baking. I love making a huge selection of desserts and cookies and swapping with my friends, co-workers, and neighbors. This is my list that I plan to make this year: Cranberry Orange, Andes Mint, Peppermint Fudge Bark, Christmas Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing, M&M Chip Cookies, Oreo Cookie Balls, and dipped/decorated marshmallows. I have been looking for a lemon cookie recipe unsuccessfully for a while so if you have one please share!

My kids faces, all month long their eyes light up constantly. When they get their chocolate first thing in the morning from the Advent calendar. When they finally find Sprinkles after looking around the house. When they talk about seeing Santa. When they decorated the Christmas tree and then undecorated it many times sense. At the thought of getting their presents or every time we walk in the yard and see the lights all around. The pure joy over something that we adult just rush through is truly precious. I am probably more excited than they are for Christmas morning. It’s such a blessing having kids, especially sharing moments like these.

Christmas Decorations. Sitting on my couch looking at the tree is one of the most peaceful things in my life right now. I love the lights, I love seeing the progression of ornaments over the years. We now have ornaments from our first Christmas as husband and wife, first home, and each baby’s first Christmas. I really love remembering all of the moments through the tree decorating. Here are a few pictures from my house this year. 

There is so much more that I love but this is just a start. How about you? What are your favorite parts about this time of year?