Friday the 13th

Photo by  Ganapathy Kumar  on  Unsplash

With today being Friday, the 13th and Halloween right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share with you a list of everything that scares the crap out of me. Friday the 13th is superstitious in many cultures and the fear of Friday the 13th has even been given the name triskaidekaphobia. I don't have this fear but I do usually double-take when someone mentions the date, almost like I evaluate if it's a good idea to do said thing on this date.

So here we go----My top 10 things I fear:

1. Anything bad happening to my husband or babies. No explanation needed.

2. Looking out of windows at night. My grandfather growing up loved scaring us on Halloween. Every year he would pop out of somewhere or show up in unexpected places and I have a legit fear. One Halloween I came into their house on the defense as I knew what to expect. My grandmother was holding me and I was looking over her shoulder. As she sat on the couch that was positioned in front of a window, my grandfather popped up wearing a mask, scaring the crap out of me. In hindsight, all I think is Why?!? I now refuse to look out of windows at night for fear someone will be looking back at me.

3. Choking in the car while driving alone or my kids choking in the car and I'm unable to get to them.

4. Any talk of ghost or hauntings--I don't like it and I refuse to read it. I don't know if I believe in that but it's almost like I'm scared not to.

5. Snakes and frogs--I'm pretty much okay with all other bugs but these, nope -- I am out, sorry friend.

6. Losing my kids in a busy public place. I feel like a hawk watching them, I don't let them out of arms reach. I love Disney but sheesh, talk about stress!

7. Trump. I'm not even going to elaborate or be political, just being honest.

8. Failing as a parent and raising bratty or entitled children.

9. Public speaking, which funny enough is more feared than death. I can work up the nerve to speak in front of people but my voice shakes the entire time and I get weak at the knees. I hate it!

10. Having regrets. I live in a way where I don't have currently have regrets but I worry I will look back and regret the time I spent working versus being with my children, or how I spent my time/money. I wouldn't call it a fear necessarily but a worry (and I was out of fears otherwise).

Share your fears. What are some things you fear? Have a great Friday and welcome to the weekend friends!

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