Easy Thanksgiving Appetizer

A charcuterie board. I'm not going to pretend I'm fancy and actually knew what that meant prior to running into a pin about it a few years back but let me tell you, this appetizer is gold. It's quick, easy, and totally works with whatever you happen to buy from the grocery store. Be sure to add some of these things to your grocery list this week and cross off appetizers from your to do list.


This was a charcuterie board I did last year. For this board I chose four different cheeses, some Italian meats, hummus, olives, rasberry preserves, dried apricots, and candied almonds. This was the most I ever fit on a board but it was my first time and I wasn't sure what everyone would enjoy.

To start out, you will need some type of board. I purchase this one at Target, it's from their Threshold Brand. They also have two awesome round ones now through Hearth and Hand (Chip and Joanna anyone?!) here and here. I think the rustic look would be great for this dish, something like this or even this would work. In my opinion, the thicker boards look better for this and I love using this board for all sorts of displays throughout the year. 

You really can do whatever you want but typically charcuterie boards have a few different types of cheeses, dried meats, fruit, nuts, bread, and crackers. 

For the cheese, I wanted to make sure I had a variety of different kinds for everyone to try:  sharp and mild flavors, hard and soft cheeses. This year I chose manchego, brie, and a white cheddar cranberry. For the meats, I always get prosciutto and it's usually the first one gone. I also added salami and a dried chorizo. I love brie with raspberry preserves and mini toasts so that was a definite for us. I also made sure to have a few different kinds of crackers. This year I also did a cup of breadsticks and the kids devoured them. I didn't do any hummus this year since it was practically untouched last year.

I think once you do this a few times, you will learn what your guests like. For us, the kids liked the dried fruits, crackers, and the breadsticks. All of the men loved the dried meats. 

To be honest, browse your produce and deli sections and just pick up a few different items. Whatever you choose will work. Throw everything on there in a somewhat organized manner and you are good to go. The preparation literally took ten minutes and I was done. I typically make stuffed mushrooms which are SO good but also take over an hour to make. I'm saving those for Christmas Eve this year. For Thanksgiving, this tray is the way to go as there are plenty of other dishes to be made.

I hope you try this and let me know how you like it. If you need more idea, search Pinterest, the options are endless!

Happy Thanksgiving friends. I hope this takes one to do off of your list!